Haier HM-G552-FL User Manual

Haier HM-G552-FL User Manual

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4G Smart Phone
·Please read the instructions carefully before use
·Haier reserves the right to explain the instructions
·The pictures are for reference only
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  • Page 1 4G Smart Phone UserManual Model: G7lite HM-G552-FL Haier Europe Trading SRL ·Please read the instructions carefully before use 3-5 Rue des Graviers, 92200, Neuilly-sur-Seine, France ·Haier reserves the right to explain the instructions ·The pictures are for reference only http://www.haier.com...
  • Page 2 MobilePhone-UserManual Safety Cautions Trouble Shooting...
  • Page 3: Knowing Your Phone

    MobilePhone-UserManual Knowing Your Phone...
  • Page 4 MobilePhone-UserManual...
  • Page 6: Inserting The Ruim And Sim Card

    MobilePhone-UserManual Caution ●Please turn the phone off before open the battery to prevent damage. ●Please be careful when opening the back cover, follow it accordingly to prevent damage. Inserting the RUIM and SIM Card You must insert SIM card on the phone to enjoy and enable all the features.
  • Page 7: Inserting Sd Card

    MobilePhone-UserManual Micro Micro SIM 1 SIM 2 Inserting SD Card Insert Mic r o SD Card with the metal contacts facing down and the cut corner aligned with that of the slot. TF card Caution ●Please insert or remove the Micro SD Card when the phone is powered off, or the Micro SD Card or the phone might get damaged and the data on the Micro SD Card could be lost.
  • Page 8: Installing The Battery

    MobilePhone-UserManual ●You might need to restart your phone after setting the storage to SD-Card or when inserting an SD-Card. Installing the battery You must install and charge the battery to use your phone. Insert the ridge at the top of the battery into the base of the phone, make sure to touch the metal contact on the phone, then push the battery down and snap it into place.
  • Page 9: Removing The Battery

    MobilePhone-UserManual Removing the battery Make sure your phone is powered off before taking out the battery to prevent data loss from the phone. Charging the battery New batteries are shipped partially charged. Before you can use your phone, you need to charge the battery. Some batteries will have best performance after several full charge/discharge cycles, follow the instruction bellow:...
  • Page 10 MobilePhone-UserManual 1)Connect data cable and charger, plug one end into your phone’s data port. 2)Plug the other end of the charger into the appropriate electrical outlet (100~240V AC). 3)When your phone indicates that the battery is fully charged, remove the charger. Notes: ●The battery is removable, please properly install them to prevent damage, and use the original battery and charger...
  • Page 11: Turning On And Off The Phone

    MobilePhone-UserManual Turning on and off the phone To turn on the phone: Press and hold Power key for more than 3 seconds to turn on your phone. Turn off the phone: Press and hold Power key to pop up option menu, select “Power off”.
  • Page 12 MobilePhone-UserManual As you go through the setup screens, you have the option to skip some steps. Then input your name allows your phone to personalize some apps. Connection Mode You can select the connection mode on phone as storage, Media device (MTP), Camera (PTP) and Charging when your phone is connected to PC via Data Cable.
  • Page 13 MobilePhone-UserManual ●The USB MTP might not work on Mac OS due to the limitation and might required 3 party application on the Mac Computers for the MTP function. Wi-Fi Connect to a Wi-Fi network to access the Internet on your device.
  • Page 14 MobilePhone-UserManual 2 . Select Wi-Fi and turn on the Wi-Fi. Your device will display a list of available Wi-Fi networks. ●Refresh the list: press , and then select “ Refresh” to refresh the list of available Wi-Fi networks. ●Manually add a network: press , and select “...
  • Page 15 MobilePhone-UserManual ●Select WPS Pin Entry to generate a PIN, and then enter the PIN on the router. Bluetooth Connectingto other device using Bluetooth Enabling Bluetooth and pairing with other device 1. Go to Settings 2. Select Bluetooth and switch on Turn on Bluetooth. Ensure that the device you want to pair with is visible.
  • Page 16: Bluetooth Settings

    MobilePhone-UserManual 1. Select the file(s) you want to share and press >select Bluetooth. Your device will search for available Bluetooth devices. 2. Select the receiving device. 3. On the receiving device, select Accept from the popup dialog to accept the file transfer request. Open the notification panel to view the file transfer progress.
  • Page 17 MobilePhone-UserManual Renaming your device When you enable Bluetooth, your device model is used as the default device name. To makeyour device easier to identify, you can change the device name. 1. Go to Settings. 2. Press >Rename this d evice. 3.
  • Page 18 MobilePhone-UserManual Press to enable or disable the loud speaker function. Press to enable or disable your microphone. Press on hold when use GSM card to call. Press and then select Add call to add a call. Press to end the call. Messaging Send and receive messaging Create text messaging...
  • Page 19 MobilePhone-UserManual 2. You can select number from contacts. Press to open your contact list and choose a contact or contact group. 3. You can select several numbers to send. 4. You can send multimedia message and attach the file by icon.
  • Page 20 MobilePhone-UserManual Press the contact's profile picture to choose a photo. Enter the contact's name, company, phone number and other contact information. The contact's photo will be displayed when the contact calls you. Other contact information such as company name and job title will also be displayed.
  • Page 21 MobilePhone-UserManual After creating a contact, you can edit their contact information at any time. This includes adding or deleting default information such as phone numbers or email addresses. You can also choose a custom ringtone and add nickname or photo. Contact photos cannot be added for contacts stored on your SIM card.
  • Page 22 MobilePhone-UserManual For more complete search results, ensure that Contacts is configured to display all of your contacts. On the contacts screen, select>”Contacts to display “ and select ”All contacts“. 2. On the contact list, you can: ●Swipe the contact list up or down. ●Slide your finger up or down the index on the right-hand side of the screen to scroll through your contacts.
  • Page 23 MobilePhone-UserManual 1. Open Contacts. 2. Select the contact you want to add to your favorites. When viewing contact details, press to add the contact to your favorites. Remove contacts from your favorites: Select the contacts that you want to remove from your favorites. When viewing contact details screen, and then press to remove.
  • Page 24: Play Store

    MobilePhone-UserManual Play Store ● Press icon, the main screen appears and then you can download any application based on the categories. ●You can manage your Play Store setting from the main menu when you access the Play Store application. If there are other applications that you have downloaded from unknown source, you need to enable the function before you can install it.
  • Page 25 MobilePhone-UserManual Android also manages how apps use RAM. It may cache some things you've been using recently, for quicker access if you need them again. But it will erase the cache if it needs the RAM for new activities. You affect the way apps use internal storage directly and indirectly in many ways, for example by: ●Installing or uninstalling apps.
  • Page 26 MobilePhone-UserManual Camera Panorama mode Normal mode Face beauty mode Gesture capture HDR mode Flash mode Turn camera Video Take a picture Gallery Settings The Camera app is a combination camera and camcorder that actually consists of two cameras, front camera (facing you) and main camera behind the phone.
  • Page 27 MobilePhone-UserManual When the Camera opens, it will have four modesand option to use camera: ●Photo, Take pictures by pressing the button ●Video recording, Take video by pressing the button ●Panorama, Take panorama by pressing the button ●Face beauty, Take face beauty by pressing the button ●Press the thumbnail to view the most recently taken pictures or videos.
  • Page 28 MobilePhone-UserManual Camcorder To use camcorder function, first press the Camera icon on the Application list screen. Then press to switch camcorder, When the Camcorder opens, it will have the option button to use front or rear camera. press button to open LED flashlight settings. Press button to start recording video.
  • Page 29 MobilePhone-UserManual the image as a photo by Pressing shortly on the view press window until red frame appear temporarily indicate the image have been saved. Gallery Viewing photos and videos the application icon to view pictures and videos Press stored in phone or memory card. The top of screen show different folder menu: albums\ locations\times, click it to view the pictures.
  • Page 30 MobilePhone-UserManual ●Set photo as the home screen wallpaper, or assign the photo to a contact: Press > Set picture as >Wallpaper or Contact photo. ●Crop picture: Press > Crop, press and hold an edge of the cropper to reveal the sizing arrows , then drag the edge in or out to size.
  • Page 31 MobilePhone-UserManual take with the camera are automatically added to the Camera videos folder, and screenshots are added to the Screenshots folder. Viewing photos as a slides show > Slides show. Touch Go to the Photos tab and press the screen to stop the slideshow. Sharing photos and videos Use the sharing feature in Gallery to share photos and videos.
  • Page 32 MobilePhone-UserManual Come Back Go Back Save Reset EXIF Data Applied Effects Select Export Flattened image Framc Crop Style EV+- Email Adding an email account If you don't know your account settings, please consult your email service provider. Adding a personal email account 1.
  • Page 33 MobilePhone-UserManual once the account has been set up. The functions of the Email: 1.Receive email and view the text and attachments via your phone. 2.Reply and forward a received email. 3.Create a new email. Apart from this, you also can set the inbox checking frequency.
  • Page 34 MobilePhone-UserManual limit. If attachments exceed the limit, you can send them in separate emails. To save your email as a draft and send it later, press then select Save draft. Replying to emails 1.Open Email. press 2.Open the email you want to reply to and To reply to all recipients of the original email, press then select Reply all.
  • Page 35 MobilePhone-UserManual 3. You can check, reply, forward or delete your emails. Open an email and swipe left or right onthe screen to view the previous or next email. To delete multiple emails, go to the Inbox screen. Select a contact picture or touch andhold an email to activate the email management interface.
  • Page 36 MobilePhone-UserManual Add an alarm: Press and set the alarm time, ringtone, repeat settings, and more. Enable or disable an alarm: Click the switch next to an alarm. Press and go to Settings to configure the snoozeduration, silent mode settings, and volume button behavior.
  • Page 37 MobilePhone-UserManual 2. You can then play music stored on your device, add a song to the personal song book, play asong in the personal playlist, or listen to recently played songs. 3. You can play, pause, or change songs during the process. Searching for music Searching for music on your internal storage or micro SD card Sort your music by category or search with a keyword...
  • Page 38 MobilePhone-UserManual Organize your music by creating customized playlists that contain your favorite songs. 1. Open Music. 2. Select Songs> Press and hold the list of songs and select the songs>Add to playlist>New. 3. Name the playlist and touch Save. Press and hold the list of songs and select the song you want to add the playlist.
  • Page 39 MobilePhone-UserManual ●Select Add account to add account as desired. And you can switch ON/OFF to activate or deactivate the synchroni- zation ●To remove accounts, touch the account, press menu button then select Remove account. ●Not all email account and protocols can be supported by default, it might require advance and additional setting or some exception from the email provider Settings...
  • Page 40 MobilePhone-UserManual Apps You can use the application settings to view the details of the applications installed on your phone, to manage their data and force them to stop. Storage Use the Storage settings to monitor the used and available space on your phone and on your SD card and to manage your Memory card.
  • Page 41 MobilePhone-UserManual ●System Data & time You can use Data & time settings to set your preferences for how dates are displayed. Y ou can also use these settings to set your own time and time zone, rather than obtaining the current time from the network.
  • Page 42: Legal Notice

  • Page 43: Safety Cautions

    MobilePhone-UserManual Safety Cautions Please read this safety information carefully to ensure safe and proper use. Driving Using a mobile phone can distract the user and result in an accident. You must fully comply with the local regulations and laws regarding the use of cell phones whilst driving. Near Sensitive Electronics Don’t use your phone near sensitive electronic equipment –...
  • Page 44 MobilePhone-UserManual Hospitals Your phone may interfere with the operation of medical equipment. You must observe and follow any instructions or warnings in hospitals and treatment centers. At Petrol Stations Don’t use your phone in petrol stations. In fact, it’s suggested to be switched off near any fuels, chemicals or explosives.
  • Page 45 MobilePhone-UserManual Around Children Keep your mobile out of children’s reach. It should never be used as a toy and it might not be good for their health. Original Accessories Only use the original accessories supplied with your phone or those approved by the manufacturer. The use of unauthorized accessories may damage your phone or cause a safety risk.
  • Page 46: Working Temperature

    MobilePhone-UserManual    Working Temperature The working temperature for the phone is between 0 Degree and 40 Degree Celsius. Please don’t use the phone outside the range. Using the phone under too high or too low temperature might cause malfunction. Backup Always make a backup or keep a written record of all important data in your mobile phone.
  • Page 47 MobilePhone-UserManual ●Caution: risk of explosion if battery is replaced by an incorrect type. ●Dispose of used batteries according to the instructions. ●For pluggable equipment, the socket-outlet shall be installed near the equipment and shall be easily accessible. This device is not to be used with re-establishment timers T314 and T315 (or equivalents thereof) as defined in TS 25.331 which are greater than zero and different from each other.
  • Page 48 MobilePhone-UserManual your electronic and electrical waste equipment at the time of disposal will allow us to help conserving natural resources. Moreover, proper recycling of the electronic and electrical waste equipment will ensure safety of human health and environment. Radio Frequency Exposure: THIS DEVICE MEETS INTERNATIONAL GUIDELINES FOR EXPOSURE TO RADIO WAVES.
  • Page 49 MobilePhone-UserManual were developed by an independent scientific organization (ICNIRP) and include a substantial safety margin designed to assure the safety of all persons. The radio wave exposure guidelines use a unit of measure- ment known as the Specific Absorption Rate, or SAR. The SAR limit for mobile devices is 2 W/kg.
  • Page 50 T o prevent possible hearing damage, do not listen at high volume levels for long periods. Haier Europe Trading SRL hereby declares that this device complies with the essential requirements and other relevant provisions of Directive 1999/5/EC and Directive...
  • Page 51: Declaration Of Conformity

    MobilePhone-UserManual DECLARATION OF CONFORMITY I hereby declare that the product Smart Phone ,Model: HM-G552-FL, G7lite Brand name: Haier (Name of product, type or model, batch or serial number) System components: Battery: Lithium ion battery; Manufacturer: ZHAOQING FENGHUA LITHIUM BATTERY CO., LTD.
  • Page 52 Germany Identification Number: 0700 MANUFACTURER or AUTHORISED REPRESENTATIVE: Address: Haier Europe Trading SRL 3-5 Rue des Graviers, 92200, Neuilly-sur-Seine, France This declaration is issued under the sole responsibility of the manufacturer and, if applicable, his authorised representative. Point of contact:...
  • Page 53: Troubleshooting

    MobilePhone-UserManual Trouble Shooting Problem cause Solution Please check if the battery level is too low;Please check if the batter is properly Can not power on battery problem inserted ; Please press Power Key enough time (at least 5 seconds) R-UIM card is not inserted in Can not read the information in the UIM slot well;...

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