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Haier D1200 User Manual

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Congratulations on purchase of Haier mobile phone, which is a combination of the essence of
high technology, stylish designs and functions which are practical for daily use such as alarm
clock, calculator, scheduler and more. Before the use of your Haier mobile phone, please read this
user's/operation guide for efficient use of the Handset.
Haier Telecom Company reserve all the rights to interpret typing errors in
this guide, inconsistency with the latest materials and upgrading of software's and make changes at
any time. Such changes will directly be
edited into the new edition of user's guide without further notice. This user's
guide is edited and printed by Haier Group Company.
All rights reserved
Important Notes
Ⅰ Phone at a glance
1.1 Keypad
1.2 Screen Indicators and Icons
1.3 Install Battery and UIM Card 12
1.4 Charge Battery 13
1.5 Switch On / Off
1.6 Dial a Number 15
1.7 During a Phone Call 15
Ⅱ. Menu Overview
1. Names 16
1.1 List Contacts
1.2 Add New .17
1.3 Find Name
1.4 Multicopy 18
1.5 Groups
1.6 Erase All Contacts
1.7 Speed Dial List 19
1.8 Memory Status 19
1.9My Number
2. Messages
2.1 Write Message 19
2.2 Inbox 21
2.3 Outbox
2.4 Phone Box 22
2.5 Templates 22
2.6 MSG Settings
2.7 Erase Messages 23
D1200 User's Guide



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  • Page 1 Congratulations on purchase of Haier mobile phone, which is a combination of the essence of high technology, stylish designs and functions which are practical for daily use such as alarm clock, calculator, scheduler and more. Before the use of your Haier mobile phone, please read this user's/operation guide for efficient use of the Handset.
  • Page 2 7.2 To Do List 29 7.3 Alarm Clock 7.4 Voice Memo 7.5 Calculator 7.6 World Clock 7.7 Stop Watch 7.8 Game. 8. Haier Feature 8.1 Lock Code Menu Items 32 8.2 Incoming Call Guard33 9. Fun & Utilities 33 9.1 TATA Zone...
  • Page 3: Important Notes

    100/101/102. SAR INFORMATION The SAR limit of USA (FCC) is 1.6 W/kg averaged over one gram of tissue. Device types D1200 (FCC ID: SG70512D1200) has also been tested against this SAR limit. The highest SAR value reported under this standard during product certification for use at the ear is 1.453 W/kg and when properly worn on the body is 0.254 W/kg.
  • Page 4 exposure requirements, use accessories that maintain a 1.5cm separation distance between the user's body and the back of the handset. The use of beltclips, holsters and similar accessories should not contain metallic components in its assembly. The use of accessories that do not satisfy these requirements may not comply with FCC RF exposure requirements, and should be avoided.
  • Page 5: Install Battery And Uim Card

    # key: In idle mode ,"#" key can use to switching from meeting mode to normal mode. Volume side key You can adjust microphone's volume using side keys directly during a call. You can adjust key tone volume in idle mode. Recording Key: If User press recording key during the call, Voice get recorded and complete after the call ends.
  • Page 6: Charge Battery

    Install UIM card Purchase a UIM card from network operator. Your phone number and registration information are stored in your UIM card. Your UIM card can be used in any a CDMA phone. Your number and information will not change. ﹡Make sure to switch off your phone before take out the battery.
  • Page 7: Switch On / Off

    about 3 hours for full charging. 3. Do not pull out the plug of the charger duri-ng the charging to avoid harming of the phone and charger. 1.5 Switch on/off Pressing and holding can switch on/off the phone. If you have set PIN code, please enter PIN when switch on your phone. Input PIN code You can set protection code (PIN CODE) in order to prevent random using of your phone by others.
  • Page 8 ﹡Enter the country code , area code (without prefix zero) and phone number. to dial ﹡press 1.7 During a phone call After pressing key user can view following contents given below: Contact Messages Mute Start Recording Ⅱ Menu Overview Operator authorized UIM card can be used in the handset for accessing menu detailed below. If UIM card not inserted user can make SOS (emergency) calls.
  • Page 9: Dial A Number

    1.6 Dial a number ﹡you can only use the function only after the network name is shown on the screen. ﹡input district code and telephone number or mobile phone number, press to dial. End a call Pressing can end a call. Redial a number You can press twice to redial the number you dial last time.
  • Page 10: Multicopy

    Multi-Copy Allows you to copy items in the mobile phone to UIM card or to mobile phone memory. Groups To set names in different groups. Erase all contacts Allows you to erase all items in mobile phone and UIM card memory.
  • Page 11 1. Input the name or the first character required. 2. According to the requirement press up/-down key to search the needed calls. Names→ Find Name→ Enter initial alphabets→OK 1.4. Multi-copy With the copy function, allows you copy ite-ms in the mobile phone entries in UIM card memory to phone memory and vice versa.
  • Page 12: Write Message

    3# 121-Customer Care. 1.8 Memory status Allows you inquire the status of the UI-M card and phonebook, including used number and total memories. 1.9 My number You can save his mobile number in my number menu. 2. Message You can send, receive and save the message by using message menu. 2.1 Write Message Allow user to edit text message.
  • Page 13: Phone Box

    Connect to URL: If there is any url in the sms, you can get to the accordance WAP site with this function. Note: currently D1200 only can recognize "Http://" format url address. Message then press OK→Option→Connect to URL→OK 2.3 Outbox In Outbox menu user can store the saved messages.
  • Page 14: Erase Messages

    Allows you select Auto save or no save option. If you select 'auto save' option, if memory is not full user and save the sent and unsent messages. Message→Msg Settings→Auto Save→Auto Save/Do not Save→OK. 2.6.2 Priority With the function allow you to select Normal or emergency. Message→Msg Settings→Priority→Normal/Urgent→OK.
  • Page 15: Call History

    call replaces the oldest. 3.1 Missed Calls You can view missed calls and also use options like save, send message etc. Call History→Missed Calls→Details/Send message/Delete/Delete All→OK. 3.2 Received calls You can view received calls and also use options like save, send message etc. Call History→Received Calls→Details/Send message/Delete/Delete All→OK.
  • Page 16: Profiles

    4.2 Silent Select profile: if you locate the needing quiet environment, you can active the silent option of the profile. Edit profile: in according to the quiet enviro-nment, you can personal setting the profile mode. 4.3 Outdoor Select profile: if you are away from home, ac-tive t to available outdoor mode Edit profile: you can create the personal set-ting under outdoor menu.
  • Page 17 Minute Beep When the alert for Minute Beep is on, during a phone call, as your connection nears a minute, an alert will sound 10 seconds before every minute. This is to help the user know How many minutes have gone by while they are talking (if conversation is short.) Call Connect When the alert for Call Connect is enabled, when a user has successfully connected when making a phone call, an alert will sound.
  • Page 18: Settings

    5.2 Security Security menu protect your phone from unauthorized use. Settings→Security→Enter Lock Code (preset code is 0000 )→Ok. 5.2.1 Lock phone Phone lock code controls access to Menu inside the phone. If user wants to access the phone menu need to enter the phone code (By Default is 0000 ). Settings→Security→Lock Code (preset code is 0000 )→Lock Phone→OK (Unlock, Lock, On Power on) select any of the option→OK.
  • Page 19: Call Setup

    6.1 Answer call 6.1.1 Any key: Any key answer allows you to answer an incoming call by briefly pressing any key except the Power key, Volume key, and Recording key. Call Setup→Answering Call→Any Key→OK. 6.1.2 Send only: Enable answer call on pressing Send key, during incoming c a l l user can st a r t conversation by pressing only send key.
  • Page 20: Voice Privacy

    Call Setup→Call Forwarding→To Voicemail→All Call/When Busy/No reply(not reachable) to select any of the condition→OK→Disable/Enable →OK. Call forwarding to other numbers: Call Setup → Call Forwarding → To other numbers → All Call/When Busy/No reply(not reachable)to select any of the condition OK→Disable/Enable→Input the Number in which user wants to forward the call →...
  • Page 21: Tools

    Batch Deletion: Using this function All done, All expired , All , To do lists can be deleted. Tools→To do list→Batch Deletion (All done, All expired , All ,) →Ok. 7.3 Alarm Clock The alarm clock is based on the phone clock. It sounds an alert any time you specify and even works if the phone is turned off.
  • Page 22: Calculator

    If the A chessman jumps over the B chessman, the former chess eats over the latter one. Only chess can jump in one process. At last only chess left on the chessboard is winning. 8 Haier Feature 8.1 Menu items Lock Code...
  • Page 23: Haier Feature

    Password. Haier Feature menu item lock ok Enter lock code Ok Select any of the menu item listed option (Enable, Enable All, Disable All )→OK Note: Default menu lock code is “0000”...
  • Page 24: Input Method

    ■Please avoid throwing; knocking and shaking your phone, improper external frce may result in the damage of inner circuit. ■Do not use chemical solvents or detergent to clean your phone. Please use cotton material with water or soap water to clean the outer shell of mobile phone. ■Please use or purchase Haier fittings.
  • Page 25 ■Please contact professional maintenance personnel to repair your phone if your phone and its fittings are in trouble. Use the batteries and fittings manufactured by Haier Company. The use of other fittings may cause dangerous accidents and make all guarantees null and void.
  • Page 26 Please move near the window Try to avoid if you are in a building, and move to a wild place if the signal is weak. 3 keep away from base station Ask network oper-ator supply of network operator. service map 4.Electromagnetic interference Try to avoid using your phone source nearby.
  • Page 27 Cannot send messages The service is not Coperator On tact network available telephone cannot 1.The fixed dial or call Power off fixed dial or call dialled out restrictions has been set. restriction 2. Be in peak hours of using Dial later network Wrong PIN code Input wrong PIN code three...