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Call Settings - Haier HG-M720 User Manual

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The PIN code is used to protect your SIM card from random using by others. If set to on,
access to your SIM card will be restricted each time the phone is powered on.
Note: The SIM card will be locked after entering the wrong PIN code for max retry limits. In this condition,
phone will ask for PUK (PIN unlocking key), which is available from the service provider.
7.3.2 Phone lock
This option is used to set the phone lock code.
The lock code can be set to protect your phone from unauthorized use. It can be set to
automatically lock your phone each time it is switched on.
The default phone password normally is 0000; please change it to your own password as
soon as possible.
7.3.3 Change password
This option is used to change PIN code, PIN2 code and phone password.

7.4 Call settings

7.4.1. Caller ID
This function needs to be supported by network, including the following sub-menu: Set by
network, Hide ID, Send ID.
7.4.2 Call waiting
If your mobile phone service provider supports this feature, the call waiting notifies you of
an incoming call even while you are on a call.
7.4.3 Call divert
Call divert is a network service.
This service is used to forward incoming calls to your voice mail service or to another
number depending on certain conditions in which your phone is unavailable or you don't
want to receive any call.
7.4.4 Call barring
You can set restriction for calls made from or to your phone.



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