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Hitachi CM 75EAP Service Manual page 16

Engine cutter
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If the Spring Holders [60] [140] turn together with Nut M6 [47] and Long Nut M6 [116] at less than the
specified torque, retighten the nuts by using a flat-blade screwdriver and a double-head wrench 10 x 19
6. Disassembly and reassembly of the clutch
[Tools required]
• Hex. bar wrench (4 mm)
• Socket wrench (19 mm)
(1) Disassembly
• Loosen the three Set Bolts M5 x 25 [10] by using a hex. bar wrench (4 mm), and then remove the
Clutch Cover [35].
• Insert a socket wrench (19 mm) into the Clutch [36], turn it clockwise using an impact screwdriver or
similar tool, remove the Clutch [36], and then remove the Clutch Flange [37], Felt Packing [38], Clutch
Housing [39], Shim T0.2 [42], and Bolt Washer M12 [43].
NOTE: The Clutch [36] screwed into the Crank Shaft [1] is left-hand threaded. Do not remove Spark
Plug Ass'y BPMR7A [142] from the Cylinder [146]. Set the Decomp. [144] to the OFF
position (pulled to the near side).
(2) Reassembly
Reassembly can be conducted by reversing the disassembly procedure. However, special attention
should be given to the following items.
• Degrease the female threads of the Clutch [36] and the threads of the Crank Shaft [1] before
mounting the Clutch [36].
• The Hitachi 14.4-V impact screwdriver can apply specified torque to the Clutch [36] by tightening for
about one second.
NOTE: • Do not overtighten.
• Perform a test run after reassembly and make sure the Clutch [36] does not become
• Retighten the Flange Nut M8 [20] of the Magneto Rotor [14] after mounting the Clutch
[36] to prevent loosening.
• Clutch
[41] (Press-fit in the Clutch Housing [39].)



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