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Hitachi CM 75EAP Service Manual page 12

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3. Disassembly and reassembly of the carburetor ass'y
[Tools required]
• Hex. bar wrench (4 mm)
• Pliers
(1) Disassembly
• Clamp both ends of the Insulator Clip [147] with pliers. The Insulator Clip [147] opens wider. Remove
the Insulator Clip [147] from the groove of the Carburetor Insulator [149] and move it toward the
Insulator Plate [148].
• Pull out the Carburetor Insulator [149] from the Cylinder [146]. Be careful not to break the insulator.
• Remove the Choke Button [191] and Choke Rod Rubber [192] from Carburetor Ass'y (C3M) [151].
• Lift up the Carburetor Bracket [181] and remove the Throttle Rod [135] from Carburetor Ass'y (C3M)
[151] and the Throttle Lever [134].
• Remove the Fuel Pipes [105] [137] from Carburetor Ass'y (C3M) [151].
• Remove Fuel Pipe (FKM) [150] from the elbow joint.
• Loosen the two Bolts M5 x 55 [195] by using a hex. bar wrench (4 mm), and then remove the
Carburetor Insulator [149], Insulator Plate [148], two Square Nuts (B) M5 [167], Carburetor Ass'y
(C3M) [151], Carburetor Packing [180], and Carburetor Bracket [181].
• Remove the Fuel Pipe [166] from Carburetor Ass'y (C3M) [151] and the Carburetor Bracket [181].
• Remove Fuel Pipe (FKM) [150] from Carburetor Ass'y (C3M) [151].
(2) Reassembly
Reassembly can be conducted by reversing the disassembly procedure. However, special attention
should be given to the following items.
• Subassemble the parts of the Carburetor Insulator [149] as shown in the figure below before mounting
the Carburetor Insulator [149] on the Cylinder [146]. Make sure the throttle valve and choke valve of
Carburetor Ass'y (C3M) [151] move smoothly after subassembly.
• Fit the lip portion of the Carburetor Insulator [149] along the groove of the Insulator Plate [148] when
mounting the Carburetor Insulator [149] on the Insulator Plate [148].
• Be careful not to bend the Fuel Pipes [105] [137] [150] [166]. For details, see "4. Connection of the
fuel pipes."
• For reassembly of the Throttle Rod [135], first insert its tip into the throttle valve of Carburetor Ass'y
(C3M) [151], and then fit the rod to the Throttle Lever [134] while pulling the Throttle Lever [134].
• Apply 0.1 to 0.2 g of Alvania Grease RL3 to the sliding portions of the Choke Button [191] and Choke
Rod Rubber [192] (in the range of 16 to 20 mm from the end of the Choke Button [191]).
• Orient the Choke Button [191] and Choke Rod Rubber [192] correctly. Insert Cleaner Box (A) [189] into
the slit portion of the Choke Rod Rubber [192] when reassembling Cleaner Box (A) [189].
• Carburetor ass'y
Subassemble and mount to the cylinder.



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