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Manual - 108 pages
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Filling the water tank
Fill the measuring cup with water up to the required level (Fig. 3).
The measuring cup shows millilitres and the corresponding steaming time in minutes.
See the separate recipe booklet for the recommended quantities of the recipes.
Note: Do not exceed the maximum level indicated on the measuring cup (200ml) to make sure that you
do not overfill the water tank.
Note: We advise you not to use mineral water, as the minerals contained in this type of water cause scale
to build up inside the water tank.
Pour the water into the filling opening and close the lid (Fig. 4).
Note: Never put anything else than water in the water tank.
If certain vegetables and fruits are steamed gently, they are perfect for babies who start to eat solid
food. Steaming is the healthiest way of preparing food, as the food retains lots of vitamins and other
healthy nutrients.
Note: You can find recipes and the cooking times required for these recipes in the separate recipe booklet.
Note that the recipes are related to the age of the child.
Note: Do not steam frozen ingredients because the appliance cannot heat up frozen food to the
temperature required for steaming. Always defrost frozen solid ingredients before you steam them in this
appliance. Shake off any excess water from the defrosted ingredients before you put them in the jar.
Put the blade unit on the blade unit holder in the jar (Fig. 5).
Cut solid ingredients into small pieces (cubes not bigger than 2-3cm) before you put them
in the jar.
Note: Do not process a large quantity of solid ingredients at the same time. Process these ingredients in
a series of small batches instead.
Put the ingredients in the jar (Fig. 6).
Note: Do not exceed the top edge of the green blade unit.
Note: Never put water or any other liquid in the jar for steaming, to avoid damage to the appliance.
Put the valve in the lid (Fig. 7).
Note: Make sure the valve is fixed properly.
Put the sieve in the lid of the jar ('click') (Fig. 8).
Place the lid on the jar and turn it clockwise to fix it. The small projections on the lid have
to slide into the grooves in the jar. Make sure that the large projection of the lid is placed
exactly over the handle of the jar (Fig. 9).
Place the jar upside down on the motor unit, i.e. with the lid downwards. Make sure that the
handle is on the right-hand side and that it is attached properly (Fig. 10).
Note: The appliance does not start steaming if the jar and handle are not in the correct position.
Turn the control knob to the steaming position.
The steaming light lights up orange to indicate that the appliance is steaming (Fig. 11).


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