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Disabling the ASR function
In some situations (driving on very wet
ground: snow, mud, etc. or driving with
snow chains fitted), the system may
reduce the engine output to limit wheel-
spin. If this is not required, it is possible
to deactivate the function by pressing
switch 1.
The message "Traction control deac-
tivated" is displayed on the instrument
panel to inform you.
The traction control (ASR) offers ad-
ditional safety, it is recommended that
you do not drive with the function disa-
bled. Correct this as soon as possible
by pressing switch 1 again.
Note: The function is reactivated auto-
matically when the ignition is switched
on or when a speed of approximately
24 mph (40 km/h) is exceeded.
Emergency brake assist
This is an additional system to ABS
which helps reduce vehicle stopping
Operating principle
The system detects an emergency
braking situation. In this case, the brak-
ing assistance immediately develops
maximum power and may trigger ABS
ABS braking is maintained as long as
the brake pedal is not released.
Hazard warning lights switching on
Depending on the vehicle, these may
light up in the event of sudden decel-
Operating faults
When the system detects an operat-
ing fault the message "Check brak-
ing system" appears on the instrument
panel along with warning light
Consult an approved dealer.
Braking anticipation
Depending on the vehicle, when you
rapidly release the accelerator, the
system anticipates the braking ma-
noeuvre in order to reduce stopping
Special cases
When using the cruise control:
– if you use the accelerator, when you
release it, the system may be trig-
– if you do not use the accelerator, the
system will not be triggered.


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