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Driving in manual mode
With the selector lever in position D,
move the lever to the left. Shifting the
lever repeatedly allows you to change
gears manually:
– To move down through the gears,
push the lever backwards.
– To move up through the gears, push
the lever forwards.
The gear selected is displayed on the
instrument panel.
Special cases
Under certain driving conditions (eg.
engine protection, or electronic stabil-
ity program (ESP) operational etc.) the
automatic system may change gear au-
Likewise, to prevent incorrect manoeu-
vres, a gear change may be refused by
the automatic system: in this case the
gear display flashes for a few seconds
as a warning.
Special circumstances
– If the road contours and bends
do not allow you to stay in auto-
matic mode (e.g.: in the mountains),
we recommend that you change to
manual mode.
This will prevent the automatic gear-
box from changing gears repeatedly
when climbing, and permit engine
braking on long descents.
– In cold weather, to avoid stalling the
engine, wait a few seconds before
moving the lever from position P or
N and selecting D or R.
– Vehicles not fitted with traction
control: on a slippery surface or
surface with a low level of adhesion,
change to manual mode and select
second gear (or even third) before
starting the engine to avoid wheel-
spin when starting.
Parking the vehicle
When the vehicle is stopped, move the
lever to position P while keeping your
foot on the brake pedal: the gearbox is
in neutral and the drive wheels are me-
chanically locked by the driveshaft.
Apply the handbrake or, depending
on the vehicle, ensure that the elec-
tronic parking brake is applied.
An impact to the underside
of the vehicle while revers-
ing (eg.: striking a post,
raised kerb or other street
furniture) may result in damage to
the vehicle (eg.: deformation of the
rear axle).
To avoid any risk of accident, have
your vehicle checked by an ap-
proved Dealer.


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