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Child Safety: General Information - Renault LAGUNA Driver's Handbook Manual

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general information
Carrying children
Children, and adults, must be correctly
seated and strapped in for all journeys.
The children being carried in your vehi-
cle are your responsibility.
A child is not a miniature adult. Children
are at risk of specific injuries as their
muscles and bones have not yet fin-
ished growing. The seat belt alone
would not provide suitable protection.
Use an approved child seat and ensure
you use it correctly.
To prevent the doors being
opened, use the "Child
safety" device (refer to the
information on "Opening
Section 1).
A collision at 30 mph (50 km/h) is the same as falling a distance of
10 metres. Transporting a child without a restraint is the equivalent of
allowing him or her to play on a fourth-floor balcony without railings.
Never travel with a child held in your arms. In the event of an accident,
you will not be able to keep hold of the child, even if you yourself are wearing a
seat belt.
If your vehicle has been involved in a road accident, replace the child seat and
have the seat belts and ISOFIX fittings checked.
Using a child seat
The level of protection offered by the
child seat depends on its ability to re-
strain your child and on its installation.
Incorrect installation compromises the
protection it offers the child in the event
of harsh braking or an impact.
Before purchasing a child seat, check
that it complies with the regulations for
the country you are in and that it can
be fitted in your vehicle. Consult an ap-
proved dealer to find out which seats
are recommended for your vehicle.
Before fitting a child seat, read the
manual and respect its instructions. If
you experience any difficulties during
installation, contact the manufacturer
of the equipment. Keep the instructions
with the seat.
Set a good example by always fas-
tening your seat belt and teaching
your child:
– to strap themselves in correctly.
– to always get in and out of the car
at the kerb, away from busy traf-
Do not use a second-hand child
seat or one without an instruction
Check that there are no objects in
the vicinity of the child seat which
could impede its operation.
Never leave a child unat-
tended in the vehicle.
Check that your child is
always strapped in and that
the belt or safety harness used is
correctly set and adjusted. Avoid
wearing bulky clothing which could
cause the belts to slacken.
Never let your child put their head or
arms out of the window.
Check that the child is in the correct
position for the entire journey, espe-
cially if asleep.


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