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ADVICE: antipollution, fuel economy, driving
Exhaust gas monitoring
The exhaust gas monitoring system
will detect any operating faults in the
vehicle's antipollution system.
If this system malfunctions, toxic sub-
stances may be released into the at-
mosphere or damage may occur.
This warning light on the in-
strument panel will indicate if
there are any faults in the system:
This lights up when the ignition is
switched on and goes out when the
engine is started.
– If it lights up continuously, consult
your approved dealer as soon as
– if it flashes, reduce the engine speed
until the light stops flashing. Contact
your approved dealer as soon as
– Drive carefully for the first few miles
until the engine reaches its normal
operating temperature, rather than
let it warm up while the vehicle is sta-
– Speed is expensive.
– Sporty driving uses a lot of fuel: drive
with a light right foot.
– Brake as little as possible. If you an-
ticipate an obstacle or bend in ad-
vance, you may then simply release
the accelerator pedal.
– Avoid sudden acceleration.
– Do not overrev the engine in the in-
termediate gears.
Always use the highest gear possi-
ble without labouring the engine.
On versions with an automatic gear-
box, it is preferable to keep the gear
lever in position D.
– Do not try to maintain the same
speed up a hill, accelerate no more
than you would on the level. Keep
your foot in the same position on the
accelerator pedal.
– Double declutching and accelerating
before switching off are unnecessary
in modern vehicles.
– Bad weather, flooded roads.
Do not drive through floods
if the water is above the
lower edge of the wheel


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