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INSTRUMENT PANEL: warning lights
The presence and operation of the warning lights DEPEND ON THE EQUIPMENT AND COUNTRY.
Instrument panel A
If the
indicator light comes
on, you should visit an approved
Dealer immediately.
If the
indicator light comes
on, you must stop as soon as traf-
fic conditions allow. Contact an ap-
proved Dealer.
In some cases, the appearance of
a warning light is accompanied by
a message.
Main beam headlight tell-tale
Dipped beam headlight tell-
tale light
Front fog light tell-tale light
Rear fog light tell-tale light
Handbrake "on" or elec-
tronic parking brake warn-
ing light
Refer to the information on the
"Handbrake" or "Electronic parking
brake" in Section 2.
Electronic parking brake
and brake circuit fault warn-
ing light
If it comes on during braking and is ac-
companied by the
warning light
and a beep, it indicates that the fluid
level in the circuit is low or that there is
a braking system fault. Stop as soon as
traffic conditions allow and contact an
approved Dealer.
Left-hand direction indicator
tell-tale light
Right-hand direction indica-
tor tell-tale light
Preheating warning light
(diesel version)
This should come on when the igni-
tion is switched on. It indicates that the
heater plugs are in operation. This goes
out as soon as the engine starts.
Speed limiter and cruise
control indicator lights
See the information on the "Speed lim-
iter" and "Cruise control" in Section 2.
Heated seats operating indi-
This indicates that one of the heated
seats is in operation.
If no lights or sounds are ap-
parent, this indicates a fault
in the instrument panel. This
indicates that it is essential
to stop immediately (as soon as traf-
fic conditions allow). Ensure that the
vehicle is correctly immobilised and
contact an approved Dealer.


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