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Rear parking distance control
(depending on vehicle)
When reversing, any object located
less than approximately 1.50 metres
away from the rear of the vehicle is de-
tected and a beep is emitted.
If there are obstacles located close to
both the front and rear of the vehicle,
only the closest of the two will be ac-
knowledged and the corresponding
front or rear beep sound will be emit-
ted. If obstacles are detected both to
the front and to the rear of the vehicle at
the same time, and they are both less
than 30 centimetres away from the ve-
hicle, the corresponding front and rear
beeps will be emitted alternately.
An impact to the underside
of the vehicle while revers-
ing (e.g.: striking a post,
raised kerb or other street
furniture) may result in damage to
the vehicle (e.g.: deformation of the
rear axle).
To avoid any risk of accident, have
your vehicle checked by an ap-
proved dealer.
Temporary deactivation of
the system
Press switch 1 to deactivate the
The message "parking distance control
deactivated" is displayed to remind you
that the system is deactivated.
Pressing the switch again will reacti-
vate the system and switch off the in-
dicator light.
The system will reactivate automatically
each time the engine is switched off.
Prolonged deactivation of the
You may permanently activate or deac-
tivate the front or rear parking distance
control separately.
From the vehicle settings personalisa-
tion menu (refer to the information on
the "Vehicle settings personalisation
menu" in Section 1), select the line
"front parking distance control" or "rear
parking distance control" then activate
or deactivate the system:
: function deactivated;
: function activated.



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