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Remote control window
(for vehicles with one-touch windows
on all windows).
When you lock the doors from the out-
side, press the locking button on the
RENAULT card twice in quick suc-
cession, or the driver's door button
in hands-free mode, and all the win-
dows will close automatically.
It is recommended that the user only
operates the system when the vehi-
cle can be seen clearly and no one is
Note: closing with the RENAULT card
deactivates hands-free mode.
Closing windows can cause
serious injury.
If the vehicle is equipped
with this function, this action
will activate deadlocking.
Check that there is no-one
still inside the vehicle
Operating faults
Electric windows
In case of a fault when closing a window,
the system reverts to normal mode: pull
the switch concerned up as often as
necessary to fully close the window,
then hold the switch (still on the closure
side) for three seconds then lower and
raise the window fully to reinitialise the
If necessary, contact your approved
Electric sunroof
If the roof does not close, turn button 9
to the 0 position and then press but-
ton 8 until the roof is fully closed: con-
sult an approved Dealer.
Important: during this operation,
the sunroof anti-pinch facility is de-
activated. Contact your approved
dealer as soon as possible.
Precautions during use
– check that the sunroof is properly
closed before leaving your vehicle;
– clean the seal every three months
using products recommended by our
Technical Department;
– do not open the sunroof immedi-
ately after the vehicle has been in
the rain or after your car has been
– Vehicle with roof bars
As a general rule, if there is a load
on the roof, use of the sunroof is not
Before using the sunroof, check the
objects and/or accessories (bike
racks, roof boxes, etc.) attached to
the roof bars: they should be prop-
erly arranged and secured and
should not interfere with the opera-
tion of the sunroof.
Contact your approved Dealer for
details of possible conversions.


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