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ADVICE: antipollution, fuel economy, driving
Your vehicle complies with criteria for
recycling and recovering vehicles at the
end of their service life which will come
into force in 2015.
Some parts of your vehicle have there-
fore been designed to facilitate future
These parts are easy to remove so that
they can be recovered and reprocessed
by recycling companies.
In addition, RENAULT is actively striv-
ing to reduce pollutant exhaust gas
emissions and to save energy. By virtue
of its design, moderate fuel consump-
tion and initial settings, your RENAULT
conforms to current antipollution regu-
lations. But the fuel consumption of
your vehicle and the level of pollutant
exhaust gas emissions are also your
responsibility. Make sure that your ve-
hicle is maintained and used correctly.
Aiding fuel economy
Depending on the vehicle, in order to
optimise consumption, the trip compu-
ter and warning system will inform you
of the best moment to upshift or down-
shift gears:
upshift a gear;
downshift a gear.
It is important to remember that failure to
respect antipollution regulations could
lead to legal action being taken against
the vehicle owner. In addition, replacing
engine, fuel supply system and exhaust
components with parts other than those
originally recommended by the manu-
facturer may alter your vehicle so that
it no longer complies with antipollution
Have your vehicle adjusted and
checked by an approved dealer, in ac-
cordance with the instructions given
in your Maintenance Service Booklet:
they will have all the equipment nec-
essary for ensuring that your vehicle is
maintained to its original standard.
Engine adjustments
– ignition: this does not require ad-
– spark plugs: for optimum fuel econ-
omy, efficiency and performance
the specifications laid down by our
Design Department must be strictly
If the spark plugs have to be changed,
use the make, type and gap specified
for your vehicle's engine. Contact an
approved dealer for this.
– idle: this does not require adjust-
– air filter, diesel filter: a clogged ele-
ment reduces performance. It must
be replaced.


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