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RENAULT CARDS: general information
1 Unlocking the doors and tailgate.
2 Locking all doors and tailgate.
3 Switching on the lighting remotely.
4 Unlocking/locking the tailgate
5 Integrated key.
Special note
The RENAULT "SERVICE" card, for ve-
hicles equipped with it, can be identi-
fied by the word "SERVICE" engraved
on the card. Refer to the information
on the "RENAULT "SERVICE" card" in
Section 1.
The RENAULT card is used
– locking/unlocking the doors and
tailgate (doors, tailgate) and the fuel
filler flap (see the following pages);
– switching on the vehicle lighting re-
motely (refer to the following pages);
– depending on the vehicle, automatic
remote closing of windows and sun-
roof, refer to the information on "One-
touch electric windows: remote con-
trol closing" and "Electric sunroof:
remote control closing" in Section 3;
– starting the engine; refer to the in-
formation on "Starting the engine" in
Section 2.
Battery life
Make sure that the correct battery type
is being used, and that the battery is in
good condition and inserted correctly.
Its service life is approximately two
years: replace it when the message
"Low card battery" appears on the in-
strument panel (refer to the informa-
tion on the "RENAULT card: Battery" in
Section 5).
Note: you can still lock/unlock and start
your vehicle, even with a flat battery.
Refer to the information on "Locking/
unlocking the doors" in Section 1 and
"Starting the engine" in Section 2.
Range of the RENAULT card
This varies according to the environ-
ment. It is important to make sure when
handling the RENAULT card that you
do not lock or unlock the doors by inad-
vertently pressing the buttons.
Driver's responsibility
Never leave your vehicle
with the Renault card
inside and never leave a
child (or a pet) unsupervised, even
for a short while.
They may pose a risk to themselves
or to others by starting the engine,
activating equipment such as the
electric windows or by locking the


Risk of serious injury.


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