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Korg Liverpool Owner's Manual: Program Operating Mode; Main Page; Sound Programs And Drum Programs; Menu

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Program operating mode

Main page

The Program operating mode is where you can lis-
ten to individual Programs, and edit them.
To select a Program, see the "Basic operations" chapter.
In this mode, the selected Program can always be
played across the full keyboard range.
To automatically select the Program to be assigned
to the last selected track, keep the SHIFT button
pressed, and press the PROGRAM button.
Hint: This is useful to see the Bank Select/Program Change
numbers when programming a Song on an external sequencer.
Note: The Program uses the same Scale of the latest selected
Performance or STS.
Here is the main page of the Program operating mode.
Program icon
Program icon
When turned on, this icon shows that the instrument is
in Program mode.
Page header
This line shows the selected Program name. Use the
MANCE section to select a Program. (See "Selecting a
Program" on page 25 for more information).
This is the tempo of Sequencer 1. The Tempo is one of
the AMSs (see "AMS (Alternate Modulation Source)
list" on page 124). Use the SHIFT + DIAL combination
to change it.
A (Group)
This non-editable parameter shows which group the
Program is included into. A group is the equivalent of a
B (CC00)
This non-editable parameter shows the value of the
Control Change (CC) 00 message (or Bank Select MSB)
for the selected Program.
C (CC32)
This non-editable parameter shows the value of the
Control Change (CC) 32 message (a.k.a. Bank Select
LSB) for the selected Program.
D (PC)
This non-editable parameter shows the value of the
Program Change (PC) message for the selected Pro-
Page header
gram. Values are in the standard 0–127 MIDI number-
ing format.
Note: Some manufacturers could use the 1–128 numbering
system; when connecting your Liverpool to an instrument of
this kind, increment the PC value by 1 unit.
In Program mode, the Program uses its own effects
instead of relying on A–D effects. Two effect processors
(FX1 and FX2) are available.
The MIDI channel
In Program mode, Liverpool receives and transmits on
the same channel of the Upper 1 track. If the Global
channel is assigned, notes can be received also on this
channel. See "Page 6 - MIDI IN Channels" on page 128
and "Page 10 - MIDI OUT Channels" on page 130 for
more information.


Liverpool features two different kinds of Programs:
Sound Programs. These are normal instrument
Programs, like pianos, strings, basses.
Drum Programs. These are drum and percussion
kits, where each note of the keyboard is a different
percussive instrument. You can find Drum Pro-
grams in the DRUM KIT and USER DK banks.
Before pressing MENU to enter the edit environment,
you should select a Program of the type you wish to
edit or create.
Notes pointing to special Drum Program features are
marked by the


While in any other page of the Program operative mode,
press MENU to open the Program edit menu. This menu
gives access to the various Program edit sections.
When in the menu, select an edit section using the
VOLUME/VALUE (A–G) buttons, select an edit page
using PAGE +, or press EXIT to exit the menu.
When in an edit page, press EXIT to go back to the
main page of the Program operating mode.
Each item in this menu corresponds to an edit section.
Each edit section groups various edit pages.



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