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Korg Liverpool Owner's Manual: Save Song Page; Realtime Record Procedure

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The new or edited Song is contained in RAM, and is
lost when turning the instrument off. The Song is also
lost when you overwrite it in Backing Sequence Record
mode, or when switching to the Song Play mode. You
must save to a card any Song you wish to preserve. The
Song is saved as a Standard MIDI File (SMF).
Note: When saving a Song as a SMF, an empty measure in
automatically inserted to the beginning of the Song. This
measure contains various Song initialization parameters.
If you are in an edit page, press EXIT to go back to
the Main page.
Select the Save Song button. The Save Song page
Move the folder where you wish to save your Song
to the first line of the display, using the E–F (Scroll
Up) and G–H (Scroll Down) VOLUME/VALUE
buttons, or the TEMPO/VALUE controls. Press F-3
(OPEN) to open it. Close the current folder by
pressing F-4 (CLOSE).
When in the selected folder, you can save the Song
over an existing midifile (a file with a ".MID"
extension), or create a new midifile.
• To overwrite an existing midifile, move it to the
first line of the display.
• To create a new midifile, move the
"NEW_NAME.MID" item to the first line of the
When the "NEW_NAME.MID" item is selected,
press one of the A VOLUME/VALUE buttons. You
are prompted to assign a name to the new file:
Move the cursor using the DOWN/- and UP/+ but-
tons. Select a character using the DIAL. Insert a
character at the cursor position by pressing the
INSERT button. Delete a character at the cursor
position by pressing the DELETE button.
When you have finished writing a name for the
new midifile, press F-2 (SAVE) to confirm. The
"Are you sure?" message will appear. Press
ENTER to confirm, or EXIT to abort.
Play/Mute status saved with the Song
When saving a Song, the Play/Mute status is saved
with the Song. This status is preserved when playing
back the same Song in Song Play mode.
Master Transpose saved with the Song
When saving a Song, the Master Transpose value is
saved with the Song. Since this value is saved as Sys-
tem Exclusive data, it is preserved when playing back
the Song in Song Play mode.
Hint: Since the Master Transpose is a global parameter, load-
ing a Song with a non-standard transposition may result in
unwanted transposing when loading other Songs that do not
contain their own transposition data. To transpose a Song it
is advisable to use the Edit-Transpose function; you can
access this function by pressing the MENU button and one
of the E VOLUME/VALUE buttons (see "Page 18 - Edit:
Transpose" on page 101).
You may also lock the Master Transpose for various tracks, to
avoid unwanted transposition. See "Page 2 - Master Trans-
pose" on page 127 of the Global chapter.
As a general rule, you should use the Master Transpose
(TRANSPOSE buttons on the control panel) when you need
to transpose the Realtime tracks together with the Song. You
should use the Edit-Transpose function (Song Edit mode)
when only the Song has to be transposed.
Note: The Master Transpose value is always shown in the
upper right corner of the display:


Here is the general procedure to follow for the Real-
time Recording.
Press SONG to enter the Song mode.
Press RECORD to enter the Song Record
mode.You are now in the Main page of the Song
Record mode, and you can prepare your record-
ing. (For more details, see "Song Record page" on
page 93).
Be sure one of the Overdub or Overwrite record-
ing options is selected (see "Rec (Record mode)"
on page 93).
Set the tempo. There are two ways of changing
• Keep the SHIFT button pressed, and use the
TEMPO/VALUE controls to change the tempo.
• Move the cursor to the "Sel.Tempo" parameter,
and use the TEMPO/VALUE controls to change
Song operating mode
Save Song page



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