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Call Setup - Siemens S40 User Manual

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Call setup

number from the allocated speed
dial key, select »Remove«.
Enter the Setup menu
by pressing »MENU«
Caller access
Select »Call setup«
This feature allows you to limit the
number of callers from which you
Outgoing call ID
will accept calls. You can select
whether you want to receive calls
Select »Outgoing call ID« to
from »All callers«, from a »Single
choose whether or not the persons
caller« or from a »Group of callers«.
you call should be able to see your
You will then be asked to define
phone number.
the entries from which you will
Speed dial
accept calls.
As long as the caller access fea-
Activate »Speed dial« to make it
ture is activated, you will see this
possible to call numbers in your
address or phone books from the
If you receive a call from a num-
standby display by pressing only
ber from which you don't allow
one key.
calls, the call will automatically be
Select »Define« and specify
rejected. You will be informed about
which phone number you want to
the rejected call by the
assign to the keys 1 to 9.
bol in the display.
If you should later want to
change something in the se-
quence of the allocated speed dial
numbers, press »SELECT« and
then select »Modify«.
If you want to remove the phone
Setup menu
Facts & Tips
• Deactivating
»Speed dial«
you to enter letters, symbols and dig-
its in the standby display and thus
in the display.
enter a USSD message containing
both letters and digits.
USSD (Unstructured Supple-
mentary Service Data) is a feature
completely defined by your network
which allows direct communication
between you and your network. An
example of using USSD could be if
entering a certain code of digits
and/or letters terminated by # tells
your network to send you a list of
Setup menu
Auto redial
If you have activated Auto redial
and the phone number you are call-
ing is busy or your call is not
answered, you can let your phone
make up to 10 automatic redial
A special redialling success tone
is heard when the attempt is suc-
cessful. To cancel the auto redial
attempts, just press the left-hand
function key.
Any key answer
You can answer an incoming call by
pressing any key you like, except
the left-hand function key and the
arrow key, by selecting »Any key
answer on«.
Time and charge
The time and charge menu offers
you the possibility of checking the
duration and cost of your calls.
However, the call charge feature
may not be supported by all net-
work operators.
Status Here you can see the
duration and cost of your latest
incoming and outgoing call, your
total incoming and total outgoing
calls and a total of all calls. You can
also see the remaining credit, if
any, (only if you have prepaid your
call charge). To reset your timers,
just press »RESET«.
Display Select whether or not the
call timer should be shown in the
display during a conversation.
Facts & Tips
Setup Enter the unit price for your
• Do not confuse Auto redial with the
calls (check with your network
call back function described on p. 49.
operator) and enter the currency of
In the Call back function, the network
your call charge. It is also possible
automatically connects you to the
to enter a maximum call charge
busy subscriber when he is no longer
limit; no more phone calls can be
made when this maximum has
been reached.
• Resetting of timers and setup of call
charge may require you to enter your
PIN2 code.


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