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Text Input - Siemens S40 User Manual

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User manual - 50 pages



Text input

Using the keypad
Press the relevant key for the
Each key on your phone's keypad
intended letter, e.g. B. Now a table
contains a number of characters.
is shown in the display. Press the
The keypad can be operated in 4
key corresponding to the intended
ways: Alphanumeric grid and wheel
letter (B = 2).
mode, T9 mode, which is very use-
Which characters available on
ful in connection with SMS mes-
each key will depend on the key-
sages, plus digit-only mode.
pad language you have selected for
Switching between the different
your phone (see p. 64). Additional
modes is done by pressing the
language specific characters are
side key on the right-hand of the
accessed by pressing
The first letter will always be capi-
Press »CLEAR« briefly to delete
talized, which is indicated by the
one character.
symbol in the upper right-hand
Press »CLEAR« for one second
corner of the display. The second
to delete the entire text.
letter will automatically be lower-
case. Press
enter a capital letter again.
The caps lock function is enabled
by pressing
as the caps lock is active, the sym-
will be seen in the upper
right-hand corner of the display.
caps lock function.
Address and phone books
grid mode
digits. Press the relevant key to
enter the intended digit.
To get punctuation and symbols
. You now have access
to five different pages, each con-
taining up to 9 symbols. You can
scroll through the pages using the
arrow keys. Press the relevant key
to enter the intended symbol, e.g.
on page one, 7 corresponds to "@" .
if you want to
twice. As long
again to disable the
if you want to enter
Address and phone books
wheel mode
4 times. Press it once again to
The characters available on each
deactivate the function.
key can be seen in the table below.
T9® Text Input is a feature enabling
you to more easily use SMS mes-
saging. The T9 feature allows you to
compose text messages with only
one keypress per letter. See p. 40.
In this mode you can enter only
Press once to enter the first charac-
ter, twice to enter the second char-
acter, etc.
3 times if you want
to enter a capital letter. To activate
the caps lock function, press


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