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Siemens S42 User Manual

Siemens cell phone user guide
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Siemens Mobile Phones A/S
Industrivej 30
DK-9490 Pandrup
© Siemens AG 2000
All rights reserved.
Subject to availability.
Rights of modification reserved.
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft
Ref. No.: A31008-H6600-A1-1-7619
Printed in Denmark
(7910.2450 GB / 08.00A)

User Guide




  Summary of Contents for Siemens S42

  • Page 1: User Guide

    Siemens Mobile Phones A/S Industrivej 30 DK-9490 Pandrup © Siemens AG 2000 All rights reserved. Subject to availability. Rights of modification reserved. Siemens Aktiengesellschaft Ref. No.: A31008-H6600-A1-1-7619 Printed in Denmark (7910.2450 GB / 08.00A) User Guide...
  • Page 2: Siemens Service

    PIN code on/off and change Dubai ..Siemens Service Center 04699720 Change PIN 2 code Egypt ..Siemens ... . 23313129 SIM lock Change network password Finland.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Contents Precautions Setup menu Overview Getting started Network services Battery and charging Network selection SIM card Tones setup Calling Phone setup Redialling a number Call setup Silent mode Message setup Keypad lock Calendar setup Security Address and phone books Conversation menu Text input Overview Storing entries...
  • Page 4: Precautions

    TVs, radios, PCs, etc. place out of children’s reach. Avoid pointing active Use only ORIGINAL infrared port at eyes. Siemens accessories to Do not hold the phone in avoid damage to your your hand while driving. phone. Getting started...
  • Page 5: Battery And Charging

    Battery and charging Slide the battery lid back into Insert battery position. Remove the battery lid by pressing and sliding it towards yourself. Insert the battery. Please make sure that the contact pins are facing against each other. Getting started Getting started Charge battery Insert the charger plug at the...
  • Page 6: Sim Card

    SIM card Close the holder and slide the Insert SIM card catch back into place. Before you can make a call with Insert the battery, attach the your mobile phone, you need to battery lid to the phone and insert the SIM card. switch the phone on.
  • Page 7: Redialling A Number

    The keypad lock is, however, auto- Redialling a number matically disabled: Press for one second, • during an incoming call until you and the latest dialled number have finished the conversation will be redialled automatically. • if the telephone is connected to a handsfree device Silent mode Just press these two keys again in...
  • Page 8: Text Input

    Text input grid mode Using the keypad Press the relevant key for the Each key on your phone’s keypad intended letter, e.g. B. Now a table contains a number of characters. is shown in the display. Press the The keypad can be operated in 4 key corresponding to the intended ways: Alphanumeric grid and wheel letter (B = 2).
  • Page 9: Address Book

    Address book Your telephone contains a com- Press »SELECT« to access the plete address book similar to the name box. address book on a PC. Enter the name and press Just follow the instructions below »OK«. to store an entry. See on p. 12 how to use the keypad on your phone.
  • Page 10: Finding An Entry

    Phone books Prefix phone numbers Barred numbers In prefix numbers the first digits in In this phone book you can store the number are the prefix (the numbers that it should not be pos- same for e.g. the whole company), sible to call from the phone.
  • Page 11 List menu See how to get information about your calls and messages and how to edit your address and phone books.
  • Page 12 List menu General Applications (SAT) Enter the List menu: • The availability, name and func- Scroll through the options: tions of this menu depend com- pletely on your network operator Select an option: and/or your SIM card. If this Press »SELECT« or »OK« menu item is available on your Go back one level: Press »EXIT«...
  • Page 13: Call Lists

    Call lists Direct access to the list of First missed calls Enter the List menu When you have missed one or by pressing more calls, the symbol Select one of the following shown in your standby display options together with the number of missed calls.
  • Page 14 Phone book editing books to the address book or to First another phone book. When copying Enter the List menu an entry you will always be able to by pressing edit the name. Select »Phone books« Select »Address book« or one •...
  • Page 15 Phone book editing A list showing all your entries in First your address book and a list of Enter the List menu available ringing tones are by pressing presented. Select »Phone books« and then »Groups« Options in groups Having selected a group you can Groups press »OPTION«...
  • Page 16 Status First Dictaphone This submenu shows you the status of your voice Enter the List menu memos. See how many voice by pressing memos you have stored and the Select »Status« total time consumption. The free capacity will be shown as a per- Status centage.
  • Page 17 Dictaphone added at the end of the existing First voice memo. Enter the List menu • Edit the title of the voice memo. by pressing Select »Dictaphone« • Delete the voice memo. Record new memo Enter this sub- Dictaphone menu to record a new voice Your phone contains a dictaphone memo.
  • Page 18 Calendar First Delete events Select this option to delete all events older than a date Enter the List menu specified by you. by pressing Select »Calendar« Receiving an event An event will be indicated by New event (continued) in the display, the phone will emit a ringing tone (if activated - see p.
  • Page 19 WAP browser In the following description, a First ‘ »card« refers to what you see in Enter the List menu by one screen on the display. You can pressing scroll through different cards by Select »Browser Menu« means of the arrow keys. A collec- tion of cards which belong together Browser Menu is referred to as a »deck«.
  • Page 20 WAP browser First Offline service Specific download- able Phone.Com services (e.g. mail Enter the List menu by or calendar), which can be used pressing when you are offline. If necessary, Select »Browser Menu« the services will be updated when you are online again. About Phone.Com Outbox Contains messages from See the current UP .
  • Page 21 Messages Options with your messages First In addition to reading your mes- Enter the List menu sages, you can select the mes- by pressing sage, press »OPTION« and: Select »Messages« • Delete it • Send a reply (only in inbox) Outbox If you have entered a mes- •...
  • Page 22 Messages T9®text input feature As you saw, the displayed word changed as you typed it. Therefore, This is a feature enabling you to always type to the end of the word more easily use SMS messaging. before you start editing. Unlike the conventional way of en- If the displayed word is the one tering/editing texts where you have...
  • Page 23: Setup Menu

    Messages First If you do not store a broadcast message, it will be deleted when Enter the List menu you switch off your telephone – by pressing even if the message has not been Select »Messages« read. In addition to reading a broadcast, Favourites Instead of entering your you can select it, press »OPTION«...
  • Page 24: Network Selection

    Setup menu General Network services Enter the Setup menu: • Call divert Press »MENU« • Call barring Scroll through the options: • Call waiting • Call back Select an option: • Calling name presentation Press »SELECT« or »OK« • Call deflection Go back one level: Press »EXIT«...
  • Page 25: Network Services

    Network services Different options First of call divert Enter the Setup menu by pressing »MENU« All calls Divert all calls made to Select »Network services« your phone. Call divert If unanswered This is an umbrella function that covers the next three If you want to divert your incoming options at the same time;...
  • Page 26 Network services Different options for call First barring Enter the Setup menu by pressing »MENU« Outgoing calls gives you three Select »Network services« new options: • All calls: Bar all outgoing calls Call barring • International: Bar all outgoing You can set up call barring for dif- international calls ferent types of outgoing and •...
  • Page 27: Network Selection

    Network selection First Manual Your phone will always start searching for the network Enter the Setup menu with which it was in contact when by pressing »MENU« it was last switched off. If the Select »Network selection« phone cannot locate this network, it will present some alternative net- Selection mode works in the display, and you must...
  • Page 28: Tones Setup

    Tones setup First Composer Enter the Setup menu You can compose up to 20 melo- by pressing »MENU« dies to be used as additional ring- Select »Tones setup« ing tones. View melodies To edit or delete an The Tones menu offers you differ- existing melody, select the melody, ent options in relation to the follow- press »OPTION«...
  • Page 29 Tones setup Press »NO« to return to the com- First poser editor where you can make Enter the Setup menu further corrections, if required. by pressing »MENU« Press »YES« to leave the com- Select »Tones setup« poser without saving anything. Create melody (Continued) •...
  • Page 30: Phone Setup

    Phone setup First Backlight Enter the Setup menu To save your battery and thus by pressing »MENU« increase both conversation and Select »Phone setup« standby times you can choose to have the backlight permanently switched off. Language Select »Language« to change the Handsfree menu language of your phone.
  • Page 31: Call Setup

    Call setup number from the allocated speed First dial key, select »Remove«. Enter the Setup menu by pressing »MENU« Caller access Select »Call setup« This feature allows you to limit the number of callers from which you Outgoing call ID will accept calls.
  • Page 32: Message Setup

    Call setup First Line selection Enter the Setup menu Some network operators offer by pressing »MENU« Alternate Line Service. This allows Select »Call setup« you to use two separate speech lines and phone numbers on the same telephone. If you have two Call types (fax/data) separate lines, you can switch This menu is relevant only if you...
  • Page 33 Message setup First The period during which you can receive this kind of confirmation Enter the Setup menu corresponds to the validity time by pressing »MENU« selected by you in the Message Select »Message setup« setup menu. Broadcast setup Send SMS setup (Continued) To be able to receive broadcasts Reply path...
  • Page 34: Calendar Setup

    Message setup First Keypad alphabet Set the keypad to a language corresponding to the Enter the Setup menu alphabet of your local language or by pressing »MENU« another language of your own Select »Message setup« choice. Text input setup In this submenu you have various options related to the different text editors and to the keypad.
  • Page 35: Security

    Security First Change PIN2 Enter the Setup menu Change your PIN2 code (used on by pressing »MENU« some SIM cards to access special Select »Security« functions). Entering the Security menu gives SIM lock you different possibilities of pre- Link your telephone and your SIM venting misuse of your SIM card card together by activating the SIM and your telephone, e.g.
  • Page 36: Conversation Menu

    Security First Line lock Enter the Setup menu If you have Alternate Line Service by pressing »MENU« on your SIM card, you can restrict Select »Security« outgoing calls to use only one of these lines. Activate the line lock in this sub Keypad lock menu and enter a 4 to 8 digit lock To avoid making calls accidentally,...
  • Page 37 Conversation menu First Hold a call This menu is available only You can make a second call with- when you are actually talking out having to end a call that is cur- on the phone. rently active. Enter the second Enter the Conversation menu: phone number and press »CALL«.
  • Page 38: Further Information

    Further information Get an overview of the keypad functions and the display symbols on your phone.
  • Page 39: Keypad Functions

    Keypad functions Function keys with text line in display The left-hand function key turns your phone on and off. When the phone is on, the function of these keys varies, depending on whether you are in standby or menu mode. The text line at the bottom of the display will inform you of the current function of each key at any time.
  • Page 40: List Menu

    Display symbols Battery level Scrolling The more bars displayed, the Arrows mean that there are more better the battery capacity. functions which you can access by See page 7 for more informa- scrollig up or down. tion. Calling indicators Battery low Incoming call Your battery needs recharging.
  • Page 41: Technical Specifications

    Technical specifications This product uses frequency bands Power consumption: whose use is harmonized within Max. 650 mAh the European Community area. This Operating temperature: product is intended to be connect- -10˚ – +55˚ celcius ed to the Pan-European GSM pub- lic telecommunications network.
  • Page 42: Index

  • Page 43 Index Address book Call setup Add to group Charge Answered calls Call waiting Answering a call Caller access Any key answer Calling Applications (SAT) Calling Line ID (CLI) Automatic redial Calling name presentation Change group Backlight 56, 77 Change PIN code Barring calls Charge battery Barred dialling...
  • Page 44 Recording a conversation 30, 71 SIM lock Redialling a number 10, 59 Sorting of messages Remaining call charge Speed dial Remove event automatically Status Remove from group Store an entry Rename a group Switching between calls Reply path Reset timers & charge Text input setup Ringing tones Time and charge...