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Siemens S40 User Manual

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User manual - 50 pages
User manual - 44 pages
User manual - 44 pages


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Siemens Mobile Phones A/S
Industrivej 30
DK-9490 Pandrup
© Siemens AG 2000
All rights reserved.
Subject to availability.
Rights of modification reserved.
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft
Ref. No.: A31008-H6400-A19-1-4A19
Printed in Denmark
(7910.2425 US/ 01.01)

User Guide




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  Summary of Contents for Siemens S40

  • Page 1: User Guide

    Siemens Mobile Phones A/S Industrivej 30 DK-9490 Pandrup © Siemens AG 2000 All rights reserved. Subject to availability. Rights of modification reserved. Siemens Aktiengesellschaft Ref. No.: A31008-H6400-A19-1-4A19 Printed in Denmark (7910.2425 US/ 01.01) User Guide...
  • Page 2: Menu Overview

    Use of other accessories could void your warranties and cause Latvia ..Siemens....7501114 Vietnam ..Opticom ... 090456789
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Contents Important safety Dictaphone Instructions Calendar IrDA operation TIA Safety language WAP browser Messages CTIA Driving safety tips Setup menu Information on SAR Overview Network services Getting started Network selection Battery and charging Tones setup SIM card Phone setup Calling Call setup Redialling a number Message setup...
  • Page 4: Instructions

    • Give full attention to driving – Use only ORIGINAL phone and may violate FCC regula- service. with safety levels for hand-held driving safely is your first responsi- Siemens accessories to tions. Avoid pointing active Refusing to yield line when wireless phones. Those guidelines bility;...
  • Page 5 TIA Safety language TIA Safety language Electronic devices • Should use the ear opposite the that could be sensitive to external when in a “blasting area” or in For vehicles equipped with pacemaker to minimize the poten- RF energy. areas posted: “Turn off two-way an air bag Most modern electronic equipment tial for interference.
  • Page 6: Ctia Driving Safety Tips

    CTIA Driving safety tips CTIA Driving safety tips Your wireless telephone gives Position your wireless phone Dial sensibly and assess the Use your wireless phone to “The wireless industry reminds you the powerful ability to com- within easy reach. traffic; if possible, place calls help others in emergencies.
  • Page 7: Information On Sar

    Information on SAR THIS MODEL PHONE MEETS THE in all tested frequency bands. Al- able accessories). While there may be GOVERNMENT’S REQUIREMENTS though the SAR is determined at differences between the SAR levels FOR EXPOSURE TO RADIO WAVES. the highest certified power level, the of various phones and at various posi- actual SAR level of the phone while tions, they all meet the government...
  • Page 8: Battery And Charging

    Getting started Getting started Battery and charging Slide the battery lid back into Insert battery Charge battery position. Remove the battery lid by Insert the charger plug at the pressing and sliding it towards bottom of the telephone, and Facts & Tips yourself.
  • Page 9: Sim Card

    Getting started Getting started SIM card Calling Close the holder and slide the Facts & Tips Insert SIM card Making a call Answering a call catch back into place. • If you start the phone number with a Before you can make a call with “+”...
  • Page 10: Redialling A Number

    Getting started The keypad lock is, however, auto- Redialling a number matically disabled: Press for one second, • during an incoming call until you and the latest dialled number have finished the conversation will be redialled automatically. Facts & Tips •...
  • Page 11: Text Input

    Address and phone books Address and phone books Text input grid mode digits. Press the relevant key to wheel mode 4 times. Press it once again to Using the keypad Press the relevant key for the enter the intended digit. The characters available on each deactivate the function.
  • Page 12: Address Book

    Address and phone books Address and phone books Address book Phone books Your telephone contains a com- Press »SELECT« to access the The telephone will now ask you Your telephone contains a number options as in your other phone Plain numbers plete address book similar to the name box.
  • Page 13: Finding An Entry

    Address and phone books Address and phone books Phone books Prefix phone numbers Barred numbers Finding an entry in your In prefix numbers the first digits in address and phone books In this phone book you can store the number are the prefix (the Facts &...
  • Page 14 List menu See how to get information about your calls and messages and how to edit your address and phone books.
  • Page 15: Overview

    List menu List menu List menu General Applications (SAT) Missed calls Calendar Messages Enter the List menu: • The availability, name and func- • View names/phone numbers of • View your events • Inbox for received SMS mes- Scroll through the options: sages tions of this menu depend com- you latest calls received but not...
  • Page 16 List menu List menu Call lists Phone book editing Direct access to the list of Press »OPTION« If you press »NO«, the phone will First First missed calls ask you whether you want to go Select one of the following Enter the List menu Enter the List menu When you have missed one or...
  • Page 17 List menu List menu Phone book editing books to the address book or to will confirm that the entry has First another phone book. When copying been added to the specified group. Enter the List menu an entry you will always be able to by pressing edit the name.
  • Page 18 List menu List menu Phone book editing A list showing all your entries in • Rename group: Edit the First your address book and a list of name via the keypad and confirm Enter the List menu available ringing tones are the new name by pressing »OK«.
  • Page 19 List menu List menu Status Calculator M+ or decimal point (press First Dictaphone This submenu shows First briefly) you the status of your voice Enter the List menu Enter the List menu memos. See how many voice by pressing by pressing MR or -/+ (neg./pos.) (press memos you have stored and the Select »Status«...
  • Page 20 List menu List menu Dictaphone Calendar added at the end of the existing In addition to reading the event First Delete all memos Enter this sub- First voice memo. details, you can press »OPTION« menu to delete all your voice Enter the List menu Enter the List menu and :...
  • Page 21: Setup Menu

    List menu List menu Calendar IrDA operation the display as long as there are First Delete events Select this option to Receiving In order to receive mes- First events you have missed. delete all events older than a date sages, etc. via the infrared inter- Enter the List menu Enter the List menu specified by you.
  • Page 22: Wap Browser

    List menu List menu WAP browser In the following description, a Navigating with the WAP Some cards give access to an First Bookmarks ‘ »card« refers to what you see in browser option menu where you can find Enter the List menu by A list of often visited cards enabling one screen on the display.
  • Page 23 List menu List menu WAP browser Messages • Direct access to your inbox First Offline service Specific download- First When you receive a new message able Phone.Com services (e.g. mail Enter the List menu by Enter the List menu the symbol appears in the or calendar), which can be used pressing...
  • Page 24 List menu List menu Messages Options with your messages compose text messages with only • Send as SMS First one keypress per letter (See p. 46). To be able to send SMS messages In addition to reading your mes- Enter the List menu you have to enter your network sages, you can select the mes- by pressing...
  • Page 25 List menu List menu Messages T9®text input feature As you saw, the displayed word While the caps lock is active the Typing words not found in the T9 The memory of the database can Disabling the T9 feature changed as you typed it. Therefore, symbol will be seen in the dis- linguistic database...
  • Page 26 49 49 List menu Messages First If you do not store a broadcast Voice mail Some networks message, it will be deleted when offer a voice mail function where Enter the List menu you switch off your telephone – you can listen to your voice mails by pressing even if the message has not been just by selecting the submenu...
  • Page 27 • Ringing tone • Incoming call setup (fax/data) • Change PIN2 code • Message tone • Siemens asks that you remember • Line selection • SIM lock on/off • Broadcast tone that safety is your first responsibility, •...
  • Page 28: Network Services

    Setup menu Setup menu Network services Number Different options First Status Check if your phone is Enter the phone number you want of call divert diverted in any of the possible ways. Enter the Setup menu to divert to or select a number in by pressing »MENU«...
  • Page 29 Setup menu Setup menu Network services Different options for call First Deactivate Cancel all your call bar- Call back Call deflection barring rings. Enter the Setup menu Some networks offer the possibility On some networks you can sub- by pressing »MENU« Outgoing calls gives you three of automatically establishing a con- scribe to this feature which lets you...
  • Page 30: Network Selection

    Setup menu Setup menu Network selection First Manual Your phone will always Country selection start searching for the network Enter the Setup menu If you choose automatic network with which it was in contact when by pressing »MENU« selection, you can restrict your it was last switched off.
  • Page 31: Tones Setup

    Setup menu Setup menu Tones setup and is marked in black. After 1/2 a Special side key functions: • Play back speed: Choose First Composer second the cursor moves to the between 5 different standard play Short press up: Enter the Setup menu You can compose up to 20 melo- right of the inserted tone.
  • Page 32 Setup menu Setup menu Tones setup Press »NO« to return to the com- First Key tone Factory settings poser editor where you can make Enter the Setup menu Select whether you want a tone to Ringing tone further corrections, if required. by pressing »MENU«...
  • Page 33: Phone Setup

    Setup menu Setup menu Phone setup First Backlight Signal diode Graphics Enter the Setup menu To save your battery and thus The LED on the top of the phone This submenu allows you to by pressing »MENU« increase both conversation and provides information about the fol- choose between different symbols Select »Phone setup«...
  • Page 34: Call Setup

    Setup menu Setup menu Call setup number from the allocated speed limit; no more phone calls can be First Auto redial Time and charge dial key, select »Remove«. made when this maximum has Enter the Setup menu If you have activated Auto redial The time and charge menu offers been reached.
  • Page 35: Message Setup

    Setup menu Setup menu Call setup Message setup Under the edit option you can Enter the service centre num- First First Line selection change the name and number of ber, destination number, and Enter the Setup menu Enter the Setup menu Some network operators offer the service centre, enter a destina- select the validity time and...
  • Page 36 Setup menu Setup menu Message setup First The period during which you can Activation Select whether you • Add profile: Select this submenu Browser Menu receive this kind of confirmation want the broadcast function to be to add a new profile. Enter various The connection to the WAP gate- Enter the Setup menu corresponds to the validity time...
  • Page 37: Calendar Setup

    Setup menu Setup menu Message setup Calendar setup First Keypad alphabet Set the keypad to Date Select »Set date« to set Remove events You can choose First a language corresponding to the and/or edit the current date. Enter that all events should be removed Enter the Setup menu Enter the Setup menu alphabet of your local language or...
  • Page 38 Setup menu Setup menu Security First Change PIN2 Encryption indication Barred dialling Enter the Setup menu Change your PIN2 code (used on Get a warning in the display and a Select whether you want the by pressing »MENU« some SIM cards to access special sound alarm, if you connect to a barred dialling function to be on or Select »Security«...
  • Page 39: Conversation Menu

    Setup menu Security First Line lock Enter the Setup menu If you have Alternate Line Service by pressing »MENU« on your SIM card, you can restrict Select »Security« outgoing calls to use only one of these lines. Activate the line lock in this sub Facts &...
  • Page 40 Conversation menu Conversation menu First Hold a call Drop active call Transfer call Facts & Tips This menu is available only You can make a second call with- You can end an active call by If you have an active call and a call when you are actually talking •...
  • Page 41: Further Information

    Further information Get an overview of the keypad functions and the display symbols on your phone.
  • Page 42: Keypad Functions

    Further information Further information Keypad functions Function keys with text line in display • Side key • The left-hand function key turns your phone on and off. When the phone is Has the same functions as the arrow keys. In addition, the side key is used on, the function of these keys varies, depending on whether you are in for controlling the volume level during conversation, shifting between differ- standby or menu mode.
  • Page 43: List Menu

    Further information Further information Display symbols Battery level Scrolling Message indicators Event indicators Microphone off Text input symbols The more bars displayed, the Arrows mean that there are more New SMS message Occurring/Missed event Alphanumeric Volume level better the battery capacity. functions which you can access by The digit indicates how many grid mode...
  • Page 44: Technical Specifications

    -10˚ – +55˚ celcius battery will be reduced by leaving it 10(5) and detailed in Annex V of Directive 1999/5/EEC has Siemens Mobile Phones A/S been followed with the involvement of the Notified Body: the European Community area. This in hot or cold places, such as in a...
  • Page 45: Fda Update On Mobile Phone Safety

    FDA Update on mobile phone safety The U.S. Food and Drug that high levels of RF can produce positioned close to the user’s How much evidence is there that ies apply to the use of mobile sheath). No statistically significant Administration’s Center for biological damage through heating head during normal telephone con-...
  • Page 46 Further information FDA Update on mobile phone safety Most cancer causing agents ing the test cells to radiation for • Two groups of 18 people were In summary, we do not have each year. At that rate, assuming low-up research to be sponsored increase risk with increased expo- this long resulted in heating.
  • Page 47 FDA Update on mobile phone safety number of steps to assure public • Environmental Protection Agency In the absence of conclusive sure level drops off dramatically Transmitters”): 1) Muscat et al. Epidemiological safety. The agency has recom- information about any possible with distance.
  • Page 48: Accessories

    Further information Accessories • Car Kit Comfort Plus • Car Charger • Data Cable • Li-Ion 650 mAh Battery • Travel Charger • Desktop Charger • Headset with PTT and carry case • Carry case Index See the enclosed accessory folder for more detailed information.
  • Page 49 Index Address book Call waiting Display date Handsfree - SMS PIN code Add to group Caller access Display symbols Holding a call - Text input PIN2 code Answered calls Calling Display texts - WAP browser Plain numbers Answering a call Calling Line ID (CLI) Display time Messages...
  • Page 50 Selection of network type Unit price Sending a new message Update on mobile phone safety 86 Service centre (SMS) Using your keypad Service numbers USSD Set date Set time Voice mail Set start of day Volume control Setup menu Show timer & credit WAP (Wireless Application Show week Protocol)