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Options with your messages
In addition to reading your mes-
Enter the List menu
sages, you can select the mes-
by pressing
sage, press »OPTION« and:
Select »Messages«
• Delete it
• Send a reply (only in inbox)
Outbox If you have entered a mes-
• Forward it to another phone
sage to be sent either as an SMS
message or via IrDa, but do not
• Edit it before sending it
want to send it right away, you can
• Call the sender (only in inbox)
store it in the Outbox.
• Send it via IrDA
Sent items The messages you
New message To send a message
send are automatically stored
you have to specify certain parame-
under »Sent items« from where
ters if these have not already been
they can always be retrieved again.
specified by your network operator.
Enter the Message setup menu to
Drafts If you do not want to send
set up these parameters once and
your message right away and have
for all – otherwise you will be
not yet decided how to send it,
asked to specify them each time
select »Save message«, and your
you wish to send a message.
message is automatically stored in
By default, your phone is set to
use the built-in T9® text input fea-
ture, but you can also enter your
message using the keypad in the
conventional way known from your
address and phone books.
List menu
Once you have selected »New
• Send as SMS
Message«, you can start
To be able to send SMS messages
entering your message.
you have to enter your network
operator's telephone number for
Press »OK« when you have
this special service and to set up
completed your message.
different parameters for your mes-
Select whether you want to
sages. Enter the Setup menu to set
send the message as an SMS
up these parameters once and for
message or via IrDA.
all. See p. 61.
Press »YES«to send the mes-
• Send via IrDA
sage. Press »NO« to store it
If you select »Send via IrDA«, your
in your Outbox.
phone will automatically activate
Select »Save message« if you
the IrDA port. If a connection is
want the unspecified message
established successfully, the IrDA
to be stored in »Drafts«.
port will automatically be deactivat-
ed 1 minute after the end of the
If no connection is established
within 1 minute, the IrDA port will
automatically be deactivated and
you will have to try again.
List menu
Facts & Tips
• If while writing a message you are
interrupted by an incoming call, your
message will be stored automatically
• When communicating via IrDA, the
distance between your mobile phone
and the receiving unit should not
exceed 40 centimetres.


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