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Phone book editing
books to the address book or to
another phone book. When copying
Enter the List menu
an entry you will always be able to
by pressing
edit the name.
Select »Phone books«
Select »Address book« or one
• Delete: If you want to delete an
of the phone books
entry stored both in your address
book and in one of your phone
View entries
books, you will have to delete it in
both books. If you delete only the
• Move: Entries can be moved
address book entry, it will still
from your address book to one of
remain in the phone book.
your phone books. Only the name
and the relevant phone number will
• Change group/Add to group:
be moved.You have to specify which
These options are available only if
phone number (home, office, mo-
there is at least one group.
bile) you want to move and to which
If the entry is already in a group,
phone book you want to move it.
»Change group« will be displayed.
Entries can also be moved from
Select the group to which you want
one of your phone books to your
to move the entry. Press »SELECT«,
address book or to another phone
and the phone will confirm that the
book. When moving an entry, you
entry has been moved to another
will always be able to edit the
If the entry is not already in a
• Copy: Just as you can move
group, »Add to group« will be dis-
entries, you can copy your address
played. Specify the group to which
book entries to one of your phone
you want the entry to be assigned
books, and from one of your phone
and press »SELECT«. The phone
List menu
will confirm that the entry has
been added to the specified group.
• Remove from group: If you do
not want the entry to be assigned
to a group any longer, press
»SELECT«, and the phone will
inform you that the entry has been
removed from the group.
• Send: You can send the contents
of an address book or phone book
entry to another mobile telephone
either as an SMS message, via
IrDA or via DTMF .
• Print: It is possible to print out an
address or phone book entry via
IrDA (Infrared interface).
List menu
Facts & tips
• When communicating via IrDA, the
distance between your mobile phone
and the receiving unit should not
exceed 40 centimetres.
• The options
»Change group/Add to
»Remove from group«
are relevant only in connection with
address book entries.


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