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Siemens S46 User Manual

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User manual - 115 pages
User manual - 110 pages
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We recommend using only original Siemens accessories
to avoid possible damages.
All functions of the phone are described in the enclosed
detailed user guide. In particular please observe the safety
precautions which you will find at the beginning of the guide.
Issued by
Siemens Information and Communication Mobile LLC
16745 West Bernardo Drive, Suite 400
San Diego, CA 92127, USA
Siemens AG 2002
All rights reserved. Subject to availability.
Rights of modification reserved.
Ref.No.: A31008-H5450-A5-2-4A19
global mobility
world class performance.
Global coverage in the
United States, Asia, Europe,
and Latin America.
High wireless data rates
due to GPRS technology.

User Guide

Be inspired


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1: User Guide

    ™ Be inspired We recommend using only original Siemens accessories to avoid possible damages. global mobility All functions of the phone are described in the enclosed detailed user guide. In particular please observe the safety world class performance. precautions which you will find at the beginning of the guide.
  • Page 2 Thank you for buying a Siemens mobile phone. This user guide is designed to familiarize you with all the functions of your new phone. While reviewing this guide, please pay particular attention to the safety and PIN/Security precautions. The wireless phone described in this guide is approved for use in TDMA 800, TDMA 1900, GSM 900, and GSM 1900.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Contents Safety Precautions......... 1 SIM Phone Book ........28 New entry .......... 28 Safety Information........2 SIM phone book menu ...... 28 Electronic devices .........3 Location ..........29 Emergency Calls ........4 Record Number ........29 SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) ... 5 Store control code ......
  • Page 4 Setup ..........65 Fax/Data Mode Using a PC ....86 Headset ..........66 Send/Print..........87 Car Kit ..........66 Aircraft mode ........66 Troubleshooting ........88 Favorites ..........67 Siemens Service ........91 Apply ...........67 Specifications ........92 Change ..........67 Reset ..........67 Maintenance..........94 Fast Access Keys......... 68 Accessories ..........95 Left soft key ........68...
  • Page 5: Safety Precautions

    Mobile phones can interfere with We recommend you use original the function of these devices. Siemens batteries (100% mercu- Always use the hands-free kit for ry-free) and charging devices. calls while driving! (p. 95) Otherwise, considerable health risks and damage to the product cannot be excluded.
  • Page 6: Safety Information

    For ar- thorized antennas, modifications, or eas where the use of mobile phones attachments could damage the while driving is permitted, Siemens phone and may violate FCC regula- encourages persons to use their tions.
  • Page 7: Electronic Devices

    Safety Information Electronic devices Hearing Aids Some digital wireless phones may Most modern electronic equipment interfere with some hearing aids. In is shielded from radio frequency (RF) the event of such interference, you signals. However, certain electronic may want to consult your service equipment may not be shielded provider or your hearing aid manu- against the RF signals from your...
  • Page 8: Emergency Calls

    Safety Information Emergency Calls Airplanes FCC and Airline Regulations prohibit Your wireless phone can be used to using your phone while in the air. make emergency calls. Check to en- Check and comply with the policy sure you have a strong enough sig- of your airline regarding the use of nal and that the battery has enough your phone while the airplane is on...
  • Page 9: Sar (Specific Absorption Rate)

    TO RADIO WAVES. use only the power required to reach the network. In general, the Your wireless Siemens S46 phone is closer you are to a wireless base a radio transmitter and receiver. It is station antenna, the lower the designed and manufactured not to power output.
  • Page 10 FCC RF exposure guidelines, use only Siemens approved accessories. When carrying the phone while it is on, use the specific Siemens belt clip that has been tested for compliance. Use of non-Siemens-approved accessories may violate FCC RF exposure guidelines and should be avoided.
  • Page 11: Overview Of The Phone

    Overview of the phone Infrared port PC communication Display indicators Earpiece Signal strength, battery level, Soft keys status icons. Left side buttons Voice memo button During a call: Press and hold: Adjust volume. Start the recording. (service provider) In menus and lists: Press: Scroll up and down.
  • Page 12: Display Symbols

    Display Symbols  On the phone display (selection): GPRS attached but no connection currently possible. Displays Infrared standby. Signal strength. Infrared transmission. Charging completed. ¦ Headset mode. Battery level indicator. ¥ Car kit active. All calls are forwarded. Ringer off. Calendar icons Short ringer (beep) only.
  • Page 13: Legend

    Legend © This User Guide uses the Feature available only in following symbols: GSM mode or only in TDMA œ mode as indicated. Enter numbers or letters. User instructions apply the following format: On/Off/End key. Press (key): Briefly press the key indicated Press: (normal key press).
  • Page 14: Getting Started

    Getting Started Your phone operates in either TDMA (Time Division Multiple Ac- cess) or GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) mode. You can se- lect one of these modes as the stan- dard or use automatic selection (p. 79). Availability of certain features de- pends on the mode in which the phone is currently operating.
  • Page 15: Remove Battery Cover

    Getting Started Remove battery cover • Slide out the red SIM holder and turn it in the direction • Unlock battery cover indicated by the arrow remove Insert SIM card • Insert SIM card in the holder Your service provider has supplied Make sure the angled corner is in you with a SIM card for your phone.
  • Page 16: Insert Battery

    Getting Started Insert battery Charge battery • Insert battery into the phone The battery is not fully charged when delivered. To charge your phone’s battery: • Plug the supplied charger into the device interface at the bottom of the phone and plug the power supply into the outlet.
  • Page 17: Turn Phone On

    Getting Started Turn phone on Standby and talk times A completely charged battery provides up Press and hold to 200 hours of standby time in GSM mode On/Off/End key to and up to 150 hours of standby time in turn phone on. TDMA mode.
  • Page 18 Getting Started Games Clock (service provider) Alarm clock Calculator 03/12/02 12:34p Currency converter §Set Menu Calendar Appointments When the service provider is dis- Stopwatch played and the screen appears as above, the phone is in standby mode and ready for use. To return to stand- by mode from any menu, simply press and hold the end key until the standby screen is displayed.
  • Page 19: Phone Settings

    Getting Started Phone settings The SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) card contains a phone book which is available in addition to your phone’s address book. The Network connection entries in the SIM phone book and the address book are managed separately; The phone may be operated in either however, data may be exchanged between TDMA or GSM networks.
  • Page 20: Menu Navigation

    Menu Navigation To describe the steps for menu ac- cess in this user guide, the following Messages abbreviated notation New SMS is used: Create new email §Menu§ Messages New SMS Use SMS sample Here is an example of composing an Select SMS (short message): ˆ...
  • Page 21 Menu Navigation Recipient Meeting at 08a h Send to: §Return ‡ Options Start the OK§OK§ Enter phone number. submenu by selecting the soft key. Select from the address book. §OK§ Select soft key to confirm. Options Meeting at 08a h Send §Send§...
  • Page 22: Making A Call

    Making a Call Dialing Accept call To dial a phone number, the phone must be on and in standby mode. When the screensaver is activated (p. 74), press any key to return to 1234567890 standby mode before dialing. Accept Reject Enter the phone number with prefix (for example, 1-858-555-1234).
  • Page 23: Busy Signal

    Making a Call Busy signal Redial If the number you call is busy or can- To redial the last number dialed: not be reached, the following options Press twice. are available (depending on your ser- To redial other previously dialed num- vice provider): ©...
  • Page 24: During A Call

    Making a Call During a call The caller will hear the busy tone. Call waiting §Call Fwd§ If this is set, the caller You may need to register for this service will be forwarded to with your service provider and set your voicemail or another phone accordingly (p.
  • Page 25: Swap/Conference

    Making a Call Phone number memo and forth between the two calls. You can enter a number with the key- Press to end current call. pad during a call. (The person on the The following is displayed: other end of the line will hear the key “Return to held call?”...
  • Page 26: Send Dtmf Tones

    Making a Call © Z Call transfer Call status List all held and active calls (for example, participants in a ;menu§ Select to open call menu, conference call). then select © Call transfer. The original call is joined to the sec- Send DTMF tones ond one.
  • Page 27: International Calling

    Making a Call œ International Calling To place an international call in mode, you may still access the inter- Your phone has been designed to national dialing codes through simplify making calls between coun- +List , but you will be prompted to en- tries and to be used when travelling ter the international access prefix, from country to country.
  • Page 28: Address Book

    Address Book The entries in your phone’s address Enter entry’s name and book are managed separately phone number (p. 25). „ from those in the SIM phone book. Scroll through fields to Data may be exchanged between the enter additional address book and the SIM phone information.
  • Page 29: View And Edit Entries

    Address Book View and edit entries Phone number Enter the complete phone number including All entries may be accessed through the prefix, area code, and long distance the address list. or international dialing code if necessary Press to open address (p.
  • Page 30: Call An Entry

    Address Book Call an entry Address book entry Press to open address The following functions are available book (in standby mode). in the menu for address book entry. (Availability of options varies accord- … Select a name by ing to the current task.) entering the first few letters or scrolling to the §Select§...
  • Page 31: Store Control Code

    Siemens Quick Sync software is available which is similar to a pause except that the digits to the right of the w are for download at the Siemens web site not sent until you press send. The wait (w) feature will not work in GSM mode.
  • Page 32: Sim Phone Book

    SIM Phone Book SIM phone book menu The entries in the SIM phone book (SIM card only) are managed separate- ly from those in the address book. The following functions are available However, data can be exchanged be- in the SIM phone book menu. (Avail- tween the SIM phone book and the ability of options varies according to address book.
  • Page 33: Location

    SIM Phone Book Location Record Number To move an entry from the SIM A reference number is automatically phone book to another storage loca- assigned to each new entry. This tion (SIM phone book must number can also be used to dial. be open): To dial an entry using the …...
  • Page 34: Store Control Code

    SIM Phone Book Store control code Service numbers Certain phone numbers may have been Phone numbers and control codes pre-programmed by your service provider in (DTMF tones) may be stored togeth- the SIM phone book’s service numbers er in the SIM phone book as standard folder.
  • Page 35: Voice Control

    Voice Control Voice command for functions Up to 20 phone numbers or functions may be activated through the Tasks and features such as appoint- phone’s voice control feature. ments, calculator and Internet may be activated using voice commands. Record voice controls §Menu§...
  • Page 36 Voice Control Voice control menu Office §Menu§ Voice control Voice dialing (or Voice command) … Highlight an entry. §Options§ Select soft key to open options menu. View Display name and phone number. New record Start a new recording. New sample Re-record the entry.
  • Page 37: Text Messaging

    Text Messaging You may send and receive SMS left side buttons. (Short Message Service) messages Reply menu of up to 160 characters in length with your new phone. §Options§ Select soft key. Depending on the service provider, e- Reply Select to open the mails and faxes may also be transmit- reply menu.
  • Page 38: Inbox/Outbox

    Text Messaging Inbox/Outbox Inbox/Outbox/Archive Menus (Availability of options varies accord- §Menu§ Messages ing to the current task.) Inbox (or Outbox) §Options§ Select soft key to open The list of saved messages is dis- Options menu. played. View Display entry. Inbox Reply Open reply menu.
  • Page 39: Use Sms Sample

    Text Messaging Use SMS sample Compose SMS Several standard messages are §Menu§ Messages New SMS stored in the phone. You only need to Compose message by fill in the incomplete information such using the keypad to enter as time and date. letters and numbers.
  • Page 40: Create New E-Mail

    Text Messaging Create new e-mail Text options menu §OK§ Select to open §Menu§ Messages options menu. Create new email Send Enter the recipient’s number or select from the address E-mail Address book, then send. Save Save the composed message in the outbox list. From: œ...
  • Page 41: Text Entry Tips

    Text Messaging Text Entry Tips Text Input ® T9 Text Input determines likely word When entering text for address book matches from individual key entries listings, SIM phone book entries, e- by making comparisons with an ex- mails, SMS messages tensive dictionary.
  • Page 42 Text Messaging T9 word suggestions Word correction Several word options exist in the T9 For entries that have been created dictionary for various key press com- using T9: … binations. The most commonly used Move word by word to word is displayed first. If this is not the left or right until the the intended word, scroll through ad- desired word is...
  • Page 43: Message Setup

    Text Messaging Message setup Message type Manual The message type is requested SMS set-up information is defined for each message. within profiles (there may be up to Standard Normal SMS message. five separate profiles). text GSM and TDMA profiles are preset. E-mail Transmission via SMS.
  • Page 44: Voice Mailbox

    Voice Mailbox © Z Forwarding number Most service providers offer voice mail service. A voice message may To forward unanswered incoming be left when: calls to your voice mailbox: • the phone is off or not currently Call Forward §Menu§ in service, (call type) •...
  • Page 45: Voice Mail Notification

    Voice Mailbox Voice mail notification A new voice mail may be signaled as follows: ” Icon and beep. The text message icon. You receive an automatic announcement call. To retrieve your voice messages: Press and hold. (You may also dial the number from the voice message folder or use the keypad to dial.)
  • Page 46: Cell Broadcast

    Cell Broadcast © Z Cell broadcast messages New topic If no topic index is available (see Some service providers offer infor- “Topic retrieval, ” page 43), a topic mation services or channels that pro- may be entered with its channel vide information such as news, stock number.
  • Page 47: Cell Broadcast/Sim Services

    © Z Cell Broadcast/SIM Services SIM services © Z Topic index A list of currently available topics may Your service provider may offer spe- be supplied by your service provider. cial applications such as home bank- If not, CB channel numbers may be ing, stock quotes and more via the entered manually (see “Topic list”...
  • Page 48: Bitmap Viewer

    Storing a graphic replaces the original icon of the home network's service You may find custom ring tones, operator provider. bitmaps, screensavers, logos and other Loading graphics options for your Siemens Mobile Phone at: §Menu§ Surf & fun Bitmap viewer Bitmap viewer...
  • Page 49: Wap

    © Start menu (Example: Home) Use your phone’s WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) capa- Homepage The connection to the bility to access the wireless Internet. Internet provider's portal is Internet access may require registra- established (may be set/ tion with your service provider. preset by the service provider).
  • Page 50: Browser Menu

    Further information on Resume Call up the visited pages that security is found at: are still in the memory. Go to URL Enter an URL for directly Font size Switch between small and accessing an Internet standard font size.
  • Page 51: Setup

    © Setup You may get further information on the entries from your service pro- Preparation of the phone for Internet vider. access depends on the service pro- Profile Name the profile or rename a vider currently used: name: default name. •...
  • Page 52 © Activate profile Select Select to go to next menu. – Profiles. Select Profiles 1 Standard * e-Commerce Your Internet browser is licensed by: 3 Profile 3 Edit Select Activate Activate a profile to establish the In- ternet connection. §Menu§ Surf &...
  • Page 53: Operating Instructions

    © Operating instructions Bookmarks Depending on the service provider, Changing the home page you can store a list of your favorites with their Internet addresses (URL) in The address of the home page is set the phone (offline and online): in the (access) profile.
  • Page 54: Call Information

    Call Information Calls dialed The phone numbers of incoming calls, outgoing calls and missed calls may be stored for convenient redial- Access the last phone numbers ing. you dialed. §Menu§ Call info Press for fast access in standby mode. … Select desired call list and select a number.
  • Page 55: Duration

    Call Information Your phone keeps a record of call du- ration and phone charge details, which you may access through the Records menu. Duration §Menu§ Call info Call timer Call duration details for the following types of calls may be displayed: Last call All calls Or when total amount is deactivated:...
  • Page 56: Call Forward

    Call Forward © Z Specific Call Forward You can set the conditions for which calls are forwarded to your mailbox or Not reachable other numbers. Forward if the phone is switched off §Menu§ Call Forward or out of range. Set call forwarding as follows: No accept A call is only forwarded after a delay In GSM mode, there are several set-...
  • Page 57: Status Check

    © Z Call Forward Status check Note that call forwarding settings are stored in the network and not in the phone. You can check your phone’s current call forward status. Reactivate call forward After a short pause, the current situa- Proceed as with Set Call Forward.
  • Page 58: Voice Memo

    Voice Memo New record Voice recordings may be used to: • Record voice memos (such as Press and hold the voice memo but- reminders or ideas). ton for the duration of the recording. After a short beep, the recording • Add a voice memo to an alarm in starts.
  • Page 59: Using The Soft Keys

    Voice memo Using the soft keys Voice memo menu §Menu§ Office Voice Memo §Options§ Open menu. The list of recorded memos Play Play the recording. is displayed. New record Start a new recording. §Options§ Open menu. Delete Delete the selected memo. New record Select.
  • Page 60: Organizer

    When an appointment with alarm is 29 30 reached, you will hear a beep. ® Synchronizing with Outlook … With the Siemens Quick Sync software, you Scroll by the day. can synchronize your organizer with your Display the weekly view. ® Outlook Calendar (p.
  • Page 61: Appointments

    Organizer Appointments Start date:/End date: Start date; end date if necessary. §Menu§ Office Organizer Start time:/End time: Appointments Start time; end time if necessary. All schedule items are displayed in §Save§ Store the appointment. chronological order. Appointments menu ® Appointments <New entry>...
  • Page 62: Alarm Clock

    Organizer Alarm clock Missed alarms §Menu§ Office Organizer §Menu§ Office Alarm clock Organizer Missed alarms Use this function to set a daily repeat- ing alarm. Alarms sound even when A list of scheduled items with alarms the phone is switched off (except that you have missed.
  • Page 63: Business Card

    Business Card Business card menu You may create your own business card and transmit it to another GSM §Options§ Open menu. phone (with IrDA capability) or a suit- able PC/printer using infrared tech- Edit Add and/or edit business card nology. information fields.
  • Page 64: Calculator

    Calculator §Menu§ Office Calculator Calculator functions Enter number (up to §. = + - * / § Select soft key repeatedly for: 8 digits). §. = + - * / § Decimal point Select calculator function (repeatedly Result press the left soft key). Addition Repeat procedure with additional numbers...
  • Page 65: Currency Converter

    Currency Converter Convert §Menu§ Office Currency conv. You may store up to three different Any combination of calculations may currency conversion combinations. be made between the entered cur- rencies. Enter exchange rate … Select a pair of Enter at least two currencies to be currencies.
  • Page 66: Clock

    Clock Format time §Menu§ Office Clock §Menu§ Setup Time/date Set the time format to either 24-h Mode or 12-h Mode (for exam- ple, 18:00 or 6:00 p.m.). Time zones Format date Set the time zone for your area. … Select the appropriate Set the date format to: time zone from the list.
  • Page 67: Stopwatch/Countdown

    Stopwatch/Countdown Stopwatch Stopwatch menu §Options§ Open menu. §Menu§ Surf & fun Stopwatch Save Record the time(s), including Times can be measured to one thou- intermediate times, and sandth of a second. assign a name. Rename Rename the entry selected. Stopwatch Delete Select the entry to be deleted.
  • Page 68: Games

    Games §Menu§ Surf & fun Games Select a game and have fun! Game instructions You will find special instructions for each game in the option menu. §Options§ Provides tips on how to play the game, shows the saved scores and allows you to set the difficulty level.
  • Page 69: Profiles

    Profiles Setup A profile allows you to adjust your phone’s settings to better suit your immediate surroundings. For exam- Edit a standard profile’s default set- ple, when you are in a meeting or at tings or create a new personal profile: …...
  • Page 70: Headset

    Car Kit • In this status, alarms are not indicated by the ringer or vibration alarm. If an original Siemens car kit is used, the profile is activated automatically Activate Aircraft mode as soon as the phone is inserted in the cradle.
  • Page 71: Favorites

    Favorites Change §Menu§ Favorites Combine your own menu with fre- You may replace each preset entry (1- quently-used functions and phone 10) with another entry from the list of numbers. your favorites. … The list of the 10 entries is preset, but Select the desired entry.
  • Page 72: Fast Access Keys

    Fast Access Keys Left soft key The left soft key and keys 2 - 9 can be assigned to quickly call a phone num- The left soft key can be used for ber or to launch a phone feature sim- ply by pressing and holding a single fast access.
  • Page 73: Speed Dialing Keys

    Fast Access Keys Speed dialing keys Clear speed dialing key To clear a speed dialing key, press the Digit keys 2 through 9 may be set to key, then select the feature that is speed dial important or frequently currently programmed (shown on the called numbers.
  • Page 74: Quick Menu Selection

    Fast Access Keys Quick menu selection All menu functions are numbered in- ternally. The relevant sequence of numbers is shown in the upper right corner of the display. Enter the appropriate sequence of numbers to navigate directly to a de- sired function.
  • Page 75: Audio

    Audio Melodies Use the audio menu to customize your phone’s sounds. You can choose from 38 pre-loaded Audio §Menu§ melodies and four additional melo- select a function: dies you have composed and stored yourself. Ringer setting … First select the type: Turn the ringer on or off (or shorten it Any call to a beep).
  • Page 76: Compose Melody

    Audio Compose melody Melody manager You can use this function to manage You can also use your keypad to com- your melodies. pose your own melodies. Audio Melodies Menu§ Keys 1 to 7 correspond Melody manager to whole notes: C, D, E, F, G, A, B. Surf &...
  • Page 77: Call Screening

    Ringer tones, operator bitmaps, screening is activated. screensavers and other services for your Silent alert Siemens Mobile Phone can be found at: To avoid being disturbed by the ring- Melody manager menu er, you can activate the silent alert (vi- brating alarm) instead.
  • Page 78: Setup

    Setup Screensaver The Setup menu allows you to set up a variety of your phone’s most basic The screensaver shows a graphic settings. on the display after a user-defined pe- riod of time. It protects the phone Device against unauthorized use, like the key lock (p.
  • Page 79 Setup Status §Menu§ Setup Device Select a function: Factory settings The phone is reset to the default val- Keys ues (does not apply to SIM card and network settings). Any to answer Phone identity You can use any key to accept incom- ing calls (except or reject key).
  • Page 80: Security

    Setup © Security Change PIN You can change the PIN to any The use of security codes can protect 4 to 8 digit number. the phone and SIM card from mis- Enter old PIN. use. §OK§ Select soft key. Keep these confidential numbers in a Enter new PIN.
  • Page 81 Setup §Menu§ Setup §OK§ Confirm code. Security Phone code select a function: The first time the phone code is used, you Before using any of these features, will be prompted to define and enter a code please read the phone code informa- number (4-8 digits).
  • Page 82: Network

    Setup © Network Preferred network The backup service providers Depending on the technology (GSM you prefer if your home service pro- or TDMA) used, the descriptions of vider’s network is not currently avail- individual functions may vary. able. §Menu§ Setup Network When this function is activated, select a function:...
  • Page 83 Setup Barrings §Menu§ Setup Network © Z Configuration Locking restricts the use of your SIM User settings card (not supported by all service pro- User settings viders). You need a 4-digit password that your service provider supplies Your phone can be operated in TDMA you.
  • Page 84: User Group

    Setup User group During a Call © Z §Menu§ Setup User group §Menu§ Setup During a call select a function: select a function: If offered by the service provider, this Call waiting service enables groups to be formed. These have access, for example, to If you are registered for call waiting, internal (company) information or you can confirm whether it is set.
  • Page 85: Connectivity

    (General Packet Radio Service) order to ensure the GPRS functionality of GPRS is a new, faster method for your phone, Siemens is offering a software transmitting data in the mobile net- update free-of-charge, which you can easily work. If you use GPRS, you can be carry out yourself.
  • Page 86: Time/Date

    Setup GPRS info dows (the maximum distance is 12 inches) and send the information. Displays information on your GPRS Note: All accessories must be re- connectivity status. moved from the phone in order to ac- GPRS APN: tivate IrDA. settings Enter the address of your Select IrDA...
  • Page 87: Accessories

    Car Kit Adjustable settings: Auto answer If an original Siemens car kit is used, (factory default: off) the profile is activated automatically as soon as the phone is connected to Calls are automatically accepted after the car kit.
  • Page 88: Flex Memory

    Flex Memory The phone has flexible memory. This Miscellaneous means that there is a certain amount Other files. of memory that can be used for infor- mation such as contacts, voice mem- Flex memory menu os, or other saved files. The table be- §Options§...
  • Page 89: Xtndconnect Sync Software

    Lotus Notes. with a cable, we recommend you use The synchronization software oper- only original Siemens accessories ates with the S46 only. If you have a (for example, Datacable). different Siemens mobile phone, please only use software for that product.
  • Page 90: Fax/Data Mode Using A Pc

    © Fax/Data Mode Using a PC Voice/fax §Menu§ Setup Connectivity Fax/data mod. Sending Faxes and data may be transmitted §Menu§ Setup and received when the phone is con- Connectivity nected to a PC. In order to do this, Fax/data mode the phone must be connected via in- Send vce/fax frared or a data cable to a PC installed...
  • Page 91: Send/Print

    Send/Print Send via ... The phone offers several options to transmit or receive messages and data. Address book entries, Business cards, appointments, memos and other data can be sent as an SMS to other compatible mobile phones. If necessary, larger messages may be split into several SMS messages.
  • Page 92: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting Should you have any questions when using the phone, we are available 24 hours a day at Below, we have also listed some of our frequently asked questions. Problem Possible causes Possible solutions Phone cannot On/Off key not pressed long Press On/Off key for at least two seconds.
  • Page 93 Troubleshooting Problem Possible causes Possible solutions No connection to Signal weak. Move to a higher elevation, to a window or open space. network. Outside range. Check service provider coverage map. Fixed mode. Switch mode to automatic (p. 79). SIM card not valid. Reclaim at the service provider.
  • Page 94 SIM according to the instructions. If MASTER PIN or PIN has been lost, contact your service provider. Phone code error. Three incorrect entries. Contact Siemens Service (p. 91). Service provider No authorization for this service. Contact your service provider. code error.
  • Page 95: Siemens Service

    Siemens Service Simple, straightforward support for techni- Latvia ............7 50 11 14 Lebanon..........01 44 30 43 cal and operational questions is available Libya ..........02 13 50 28 82 from our online support service on the Inter- Lithuania..........8 22 74 20 10 net:
  • Page 96: Specifications

    Specifications Declaration of conformity American National Standards Institute (ANSI) C95.1 (1992) Siemens Information and National Council of Radiation Communication Mobile hereby Protection and Measurement declares that the phone described in (NCRP) Report 86 (1986) this user guide is in compliance with...
  • Page 97: Technical Data

    Specifications Technical data GSM 900 class: 4 (33 dBm) GSM 1900 class: 1 (30 dBm) TDMA 800 class IV: (0.6 W ERP) TDMA 1900 class IV: (0.6 W ERP) Weight: 123g/4.3OZ Dimensions: 118 x 46 x 21mm (94 cm Operating voltage: 3.8 Volts Standby time: GSM:...
  • Page 98: Maintenance

    Maintenance Maintenance tips • The SIM card should be treated with the same care as a credit card. Do not bend or scratch it or expose it to static electricity. • Clean the card with a damp cloth or an anti-static wipe without chemical cleaning agents.
  • Page 99: Accessories

    Offers additional protection from dirt and outside damage. We recommend you use only Car Charger original Siemens accessories to Connects by simply plugging into the car’s avoid possible damage and en- cigarette lighter socket (12/24 Volt). sure that the phone complies with all relevant regulations.
  • Page 100: U.s. Fda

    U.S. FDA The U.S. Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) Center for Devices and Radiological Health Consumer Update on Mobile Phones FDA has been receiving inquiries about the safety of mobile phones, including cellular phones and PCS phones. The following summarizes what is know — and what remains unknown — about whether these products can pose a hazard to health, and what can be done to minimize any potential risk.
  • Page 101 U.S. FDA How much evidence is there that hand-held mobile phones might be harmful? Briefly, there is not enough evidence to know for sure, either way; however, research efforts are on-going. The existing scientific evidence is conflicting and many of the studies that have been done to date have suffered from flaws in their research methods.
  • Page 102 U.S. FDA 2. Researchers conducted a large battery of laboratory tests to assess the effects of exposure to mobile phone RF on genetic material. These included tests for several kinds of abnormalities, including mutations, chromosomal aberrations, DNA strand breaks, and structural changes in the genetic material of blood cells called lymphocytes.
  • Page 103 U.S. FDA In summary, we do not have enough information at this point to assure the public that there are, or are not, any low incident health problems associated with use of mobile phones. FDA continues to work with all parties, including other federal agencies and industry, to assure that research is undertaken to provide the necessary answers to the outstanding questions about the safety of mobile phones.
  • Page 104 U.S. FDA Although the existing scientific data do not justify FDA regulatory actions at this time, FDA has urged the mobile phone industry to take a number of steps to assure public safety. The agency has recommended that the industry: •...
  • Page 105 U.S. FDA People who must conduct extended conversations in their cars every day could switch to a type of mobile phone that places more distance between their bodies and the source of the RF , since the exposure level drops off dramatically with distance.
  • Page 106: Ten Driving Safety Tips

    Ten Driving Safety Tips Your Siemens wireless phone gives voice mail answer it you the power to communicate by for you. voice — almost anywhere, anytime. Suspend But an important responsibility conversations accompanies the benefits of wireless during phones, one that every user must hazardous uphold.
  • Page 107 Ten Driving Safety Tips Do not engage in stressful or Use your phone to help others in emotional conversations that may emergencies. Your wireless phone be distracting. Stressful or provides you a perfect emotional conversations and opportunity to be a “good driving do not mix —...
  • Page 108: Intellectual Property

    Phone or its components. All applicable rights of the Intellectual Property shall remain with Siemens, its affiliates, partners or suppliers. Siemens will have no liability with respect to any claim of patent infringement which is based upon the combination of the Product or parts furnished hereunder with software, apparatus or...
  • Page 109: Index

    Index Call info calls dialed ......50 Accessories ....... 95 calls received ......50 Address book ......26 missed calls ......50 call entry ........ 26 Call screening ......73 make entry ......24 Call waiting ........ 20 view/edit entry ....... 25 Car kit ........
  • Page 110 Index Factory settings ......75 Maintenance ......94 Fast access ........ 68 Melody Fast search ........ 75 compose ........ 72 Favorites ........67 load ........72 Fax via SMS ....... 39 select ........71 Fax/data mode ......86 Melody manager ......72 Flex memory ......
  • Page 111 Send via ... (SMS/IrDA) ....87 Uppercase and lowercase ... 25, 37 Service center ......39 User group ......... 80 Service tones ......73 Siemens Service ......91 Vibrating alarm ......73 Silent alert ......... 73 VIP group ........24 SIM services ......43 Voice command ......