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Tones Setup - Siemens S40 User Manual

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User manual - 50 pages



Tones setup

Enter the Setup menu
You can compose up to 20 melo-
by pressing »MENU«
dies to be used as additional ring-
Select »Tones setup«
ing tones.
View melodies To edit or delete an
The Tones menu offers you differ-
existing melody, select the melody,
ent options in relation to the follow-
press »OPTION« and select
ing tones:
whether you want to edit or delete
Ringing tone
Message tone
Create melody The notes are
inserted via the keypad. Press
Broadcast tone
to see which note is located on
which key. The keys below have
Volume Select whether you want
special functions:
the volume to be high, medium,
Plays back the melody
low or off. The ringing tone can also
be set to »Escalating«.
Changes the tone/rest length
(1/16, 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, 1/1)
Pattern You can select between
Deletes a tone or a rest
42 different tone patterns and
melodies composed by yourself.
Inserts a rest
The cursor is moved by means of
the arrow keys. A new tone is
inserted to the right of the cursor
Setup menu
and is marked in black. After 1/2 a
Special side key functions:
second the cursor moves to the
Short press up:
right of the inserted tone. As long
Moves the note up one frequency
as the tone is active (black) it can
Long press up:
be edited.
Moves the note up one octave
Short press down:
Moves the note down
Display indications:
one frequency
The top bar indicates the position
Long press down:
of the cursor relative to the total
Moves the note down one octave
length of the composition.
The number of the cur-
When you insert a tone or a rest,
rently active tone.
the length will always be 1/16.
Press the relevant key again, and
Tone length (1/16)
the length will be changed into 1/8;
Note (C)
press it twice, and it will be
Sharp (
changed into 1/4 etc.
Octave (6)
tone or rest. You have to delete the
Tone and rest lengths are shown
old one before you can insert a
by symbols of different lengths,
1/16 being the shortest and 1/1
being the longest.
composition, you can press
Whole notes are inserted in the
»OPTION« and:
white lines. Sharp notes are insert-
ed in the grey lines.
The black line indicates an
Setup menu
• Play back speed: Choose
between 5 different standard play
back speeds. The speed selected
here will be the one which is used
if you press »8« when composing
or editing a melody.
• Clear/Edit: You can delete the
contents of a melody without
changing the name or other set-
tings related to the melody.
When you press »OK«, you will
be asked whether you really want
to delete all tones.
Press »YES« to return to the edi-
tor where you can enter a new
You cannot overwrite an inserted
If you press »NO«, you will also
return to the editor and can now
edit the existing melody.
When you have completed your
(Continued on the next page).
Facts & Tips
• The maximum length of a melody is
250 tones and/or rests. The digit at
the bottom of the display tells you
how many you have left.
• The standard ringing tones entered
by the manufacturer cannot be edited
or deleted.
• Remember that for entries stored in
your address book you can assign a
specific ringing tone to the group
enabling you to hear from which
group the call comes.


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