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Dictaphone; Calendar - Siemens S40 User Manual

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User manual - 50 pages




added at the end of the existing
voice memo.
Enter the List menu
• Edit the title of the voice memo.
by pressing
Select »Dictaphone«
• Delete the voice memo.
Record new memo Enter this sub-
menu to record a new voice
Your phone contains a dictaphone
with an effective capacity to record
Press »OK«, and the recording
5 minutes of speech. The number
starts automatically.
of voice memos that can be stored
depends on the length of the
To make a pause, press
memos. Voice memos can be
To continue recording, press
recorded and played back whether
or not you are in the middle of a
Press »STOP« to end the
The phone now suggests a title for
Check memos Enter this submenu
your voice memo. You can accept
if you want to check or edit your
the suggested title by pressing
voice memos. Pressing »OPTION«
»OK« or you can overwrite it and
gives you the following possibilities:
enter a new title of your own
• Play back the voice memo.
choice. Press »OK« when you have
entered your own title.
• Extend the voice memo. If there
is more memory left, you can add
To cancel a recording, after you
speech to an existing memo. The
have started it, press »CANCEL«.
new speech will automatically be
List menu


Delete all memos Enter this sub-
menu to delete all your voice
Use your phone to remind you of
different events such as meetings,
Facts & Tips
phone calls to be made, birthdays,
• In the upper right-hand corner of the
etc. The calendar is active even
display you can see the recording
when the telephone is switched
time in minutes and seconds.
• The memory status bar just above
the function key text lines indicates
View events Each date under
how much memory you have left.
which one or more events are
• An incoming call will interrupt
stored will be listed, shown with
recording and play back of a voice
the name of the day of the week
and the date. Use the arrow keys
to scroll through the dates. If a
• In the List menu under
date is highlighted for more than 2
you can see how many voice memos
seconds, the times of the first
you have stored and the total time
events on that date will be dis-
• In the description of the Conver-
sation menu on p. 71, you can see
event details.
how to record an ongoing conversa-
List menu
In addition to reading the event
details, you can press »OPTION«
Enter the List menu
and :
by pressing
• Delete the event.
Select »Calendar«
• Edit the event.
• Send the event to another
mobile phone or a PC via IrDA.
New event When adding a new
event, you can choose among the
following event types:
»Custom setup«
»Standard alarm«
»1 hour notice«
»Wake up alarm«
In the custom setup you can define
any setting to suit your require-
ments. The options available are:
Set start and end date, set start
and end time, enter event text, set
recurring frequency, select tone
pattern, and define advance notice
Press »SELECT« to read the
for the event.
Facts & Tips
• The View events menu will not be
available if there are no events.
• A √ in the top line of the highlighted
date indicates that the appointments
relate to the current week.
• The
symbol in front of the
time/date indication shows that an
event is occuring on that date.


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