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Address Book - Siemens S40 User Manual

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Address book

Your telephone contains a com-
Press »SELECT« to access the
plete address book similar to the
name box.
address book on a PC.
Enter the name and press
Just follow the instructions below
to store an entry. See on p. 12 how
to use the keypad on your phone.
Storing information in
You can enter information about
your address book
• Group (see p. 26)
Enter the phone number and
• Other phone numbers than
the one entered
• E-mail address
Select »Address book« by
• Address
pressing »SELECT«.
• Birthday
to select whether
• Notes
you want to store the number
as a
Press »SELECT« to access the
box where you want to enter
• Home number
• Office number
• Mobile number
Enter the information and
• Fax number
press »OK«.
• Data number
When you have entered all the
and confirm by pressing
information you want, press
Address and phone books
The telephone will now ask you
whether you want to store the new
If you press »YES«, the phone will
store the new entry.
to move to the next
If you press »NO«, the phone will
ask you whether you want to go
back to the entry.
• If you press »NO« at this
stage, all new data will be dis-
carded and deleted.
• If you press »YES«, the phone
will revert to
for possible
Address and phone books
Phone books
Your telephone contains a number
Plain numbers
of phone books, which are stored
This an easy-to-use phone book
on your SIM card. The plain num-
where you just store names and
bers phone book is always avail-
telephone numbers. If you store
able, whereas your SIM card deter-
the names and numbers from your
mines the availability of the other
address book in the plain numbers
phone books.
phone book, you will be able to dial
these numbers if you use your SIM
Storing an entry
card in another phone.
Enter the phone number and
Fixed numbers
again to select the
With the help of this extra phone
phone book in which you want
book you can restrict the use of
to store the number
your phone to only numbers stored
in this special phone book.
• Plain numbers
To activate/deactivate fixed
• Fixed numbers
dialling, see under Security in the
• Own numbers
setup menu on p. 67.
• Barred numbers
and confirm by pressing
Own numbers
This is simply an extra phone book
Enter the name and press
where you can store your own tele-
phone number(s).
How many numbers you can
store depends on your SIM card.
Normally, you will have the same
options as in your other phone
books, but your network operator
may have imposed some restric-
Service numbers
This service number phone book
typically contains customer care,
hotline service numbers, etc. The
contents are defined by your net-
work operator and cannot be
changed by you.
Your network operator may have
given this phone book another
Information numbers
Numbers stored in this phone book
are typically numbers for taxis, air-
ports, hotels, weather forecasts,
news, etc. The contents are
defined by your network operator
and cannot be changed by you.


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