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Conversation menu
Hold a call
This menu is available only
You can make a second call with-
when you are actually talking
out having to end a call that is cur-
on the phone.
rently active. Enter the second
Enter the Conversation menu:
phone number and press »CALL«.
Press »MENU«
If you have activated call waiting
Scroll through the options:
(see p. 48), you can also answer a
Select an option: Press »OK«
new incoming call without having
to end the currently active call.
When you hear the special ringing
This menu offers you different
tone in your loudspeaker, just press
kinds of options for use during a
»ANSWER«.In both cases, the first
call will automatically be put on
hold. You can also put calls on hold
Microphone on/off
manually by selecting »Hold call«.
Select »Microphone off« to turn off
the microphone during a conversa-
Continue a call
tion. You can still hear everything
your caller says, but the caller will
When you want to retrieve a call
be unable to hear you.
which has been put on hold, just
Select »Microphone on« to acti-
select »Continue call«.
vate the microphone again.
Switch between calls
If you have a call on hold and an
active call, you can switch between
these two by selecting »Switch
Drop active call
Transfer call
You can end an active call by
If you have an active call and a call
selecting »Drop active«. If you also
on hold, you can connect the two
have a call put on hold, this call will
by selecting »Transfer« call. In that
remain on hold until you retrieve it
way, the two parties can talk
to continue conversation.
together while you withdraw from
the conversation.
Drop held call
Record conversation
You can end a call which has been
put on hold by selecting »Drop
You can record an ongoing conver-
sation by selecting »Record call«.
Conference call
party will be displayed.
If you have an active call and a call
on hold at the same time, you can
select »Join calls« to enable all of
you to make a conference call.
Private call
If you have joined all calls and want
to have a private conversation with
one of the callers, select »Private«.
The other calls will be put on hold.
Conversation menu
The phone number of the other
Facts & Tips
• The status of the call determines
which menu items are visible and
available for you to select.
• You also have the option of calling a
number in your address or phone
book during conversation by pressing
and select the entry you want to
• You also have the option of sending
an SMS message during a conversa-
tion by pressing
to enter the List
• Please be aware that you can only
have one call on hold at a time.
• A conference call can be made
between 6 different callers including


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