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Network services
Different options for call
Enter the Setup menu
by pressing »MENU«
Outgoing calls gives you three
Select »Network services«
new options:
• All calls: Bar all outgoing calls
Call barring
• International: Bar all outgoing
You can set up call barring for dif-
international calls
ferent types of outgoing and
• Roaming calls: Bar outgoing
incoming calls to restrict the use of
calls when you are connected to
your phone. To make use of this
a foreign network (this still leaves
service you need to get a specific
you the possibility of making calls
password from your network oper-
to your home country).
ator, and then:
Incoming calls gives you two new
Select one of the call barring
options below.
• All calls: Bar all incoming calls.
Activate your call barring.
• Roaming calls: Bar incoming
calls when you are connected to
a foreign network.
Status Check if your phone is
barred in any of the above mention-
ed ways.
Setup menu
Deactivate Cancel all your call bar-
Call back
Some networks offer the possibility
of automatically establishing a con-
Activate your call barring
nection to a busy subscriber when
Once you have selected the kind of
the number is no longer engaged.
call barring you want, activate it by
The phone will inform you that the
pressing »OK«. Specify whether
subscriber is busy and ask you
you want the call barring to apply
whether you want to call back.
to all services, or to the speech,
data or fax services. You will then
phone numbers are still waiting to
be asked to enter the 4-digit pass-
be called back.
word provided by your network
cancel the remaining phone num-
bers to be called back.
Call waiting
Activate »Call waiting« if you want
Calling name
to be notified by a special ringing
presentation (CNAP)
tone in case somebody is calling
Some networks offer the possibility
you while you are already having a
of showing the name of your caller
conversation. You then have the
even though his number is not
option of answering or rejecting the
stored in your phone book.
new call.
available or not, select the option
»CNAP« and then »Status«.
Setup menu
Call deflection
On some networks you can sub-
scribe to this feature which lets you
forward an incoming call to another
phone number. Press
lowed by the other phone number
to have an incoming call forwarded
to the number entered instead of
Select »Status« to see how many
answering the call.
To find out whether this service is
activated or not, select the option
Select »Cancel« if you want to
»Call deflection« and then
Closed user group
This is a network feature by which
the use of your telephone is
restricted to certain phone num-
bers within a group defined by the
network operator and the owner of
the SIM card.
To find out whether this service is
Facts & Tips
• Do not confuse call barring with the
4, fol-
barred number phone book (p. 16).
The barred number phone book only
relates to the barring of specific num-
bers entered by you.
• Please note that during roaming,
your phone can get in contact only
with co-operating networks (except
for emergency calls).
• Your selection of a specific kind of
call barring allows you not only to ac-
tivate it. At this level, you can also see
the status of the kind of call barring
chosen by selecting
, or can-
cel the chosen kind of call barring by
• You may be a member of different
closed user groups. Each group has
its own ID number. The network
defines which group is your default
user group. You have the option of
calling outside the group – although
perhaps at a higher charge.


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