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Call Lists; Address And Phone Book Editing - Siemens S40 User Manual

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Call lists

Direct access to the list of
missed calls
Enter the List menu
When you have missed one or
by pressing
more calls, the symbol
Select one of the following
shown in your standby display
together with the number of
missed calls. You get direct access
Outgoing calls
to the list of missed calls simply by
See a list of your last dialled tele-
phone numbers. The number of
Options in call lists
phone numbers shown depends on
Having selected a number from
your SIM card.
one of the call lists you can press
»OPTION« and
Answered calls
• Call the number.
See a list of the last 10 calls you
have received and answered.
• Delete the number.
• Save the number in your address
Missed calls
book or in one of the phone books.
See a list of the last 20 calls that
you received, but did not answer.
List menu
Facts & Tips
• As the telephone registers only
identified calls in the list, the number
of missed calls shown on the standby
display and the number of phone
numbers actually listed may differ.
• If you call a number from the list of
missed calls, that number will be
removed from the list, but you can
retrieve it from the list of outgoing
• The detailed view of a missed call
will contain the name and/or phone
number, the date and time of the call,
as well as the number of times the
caller has called.
List menu
Phone book editing
Press »OPTION«
Select one of the following
Enter the List menu
by pressing
Select »Phone books«
• Call: If the entry is stored in your
Select »Address book« or one
of the phone books
address book and contains more
than one number, you will have to
specify whether you want to call
Add entry
the home, the office or the mobile
Select »Add entry« if you want to
phone number.
add a new entry (See pp. 14-15).
• Edit: You can edit the contents of
View entries
the entry, e.g. change the office
phone number. Use the arrow keys
This provides a variety of options,
to move from one edit box of the
such as calling, editing or moving
entry to another.
the entries. These options are
Select the edit box you want to
described in greater detail in the
edit, make your corrections and
press »OK«. Use »CLEAR« to
Having selected »View
delete faulty characters and enter
entries« you must place the
the correct ones via the keypad.
cursor on the entry you want
Press »SAVE« when you have fin-
to view.
ished your corrections.
The telephone will ask you to
Press »DETAIL« to see the
confirm the changes. If you press
contents of the entry.
»YES« the changes are stored auto-
If you press »NO«, the phone will
ask you whether you want to go
back to the entry.
If you press »NO« at this stage,
all new data will be discarded and
If you press »YES«, the phone
will revert to
Facts & Tips
can also add entries simply by
after entering a phone
number in standby mode.
• You can also view entries in your
address and phone books simply by
in standby mode.
Service and info number phone
books cannot be edited.


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