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Change PIN2
Enter the Setup menu
Change your PIN2 code (used on
by pressing »MENU«
some SIM cards to access special
Select »Security«
Entering the Security menu gives
SIM lock
you different possibilities of pre-
Link your telephone and your SIM
venting misuse of your SIM card
card together by activating the SIM
and your telephone, e.g. if your
lock. You will be asked to enter a 6
phone is lost or stolen.
to 16 digit code of your own
PIN code
This means that if for instance
your phone is stolen, it cannot be
Activate PIN Select whether your
used together with another SIM
PIN code should be on or off. The
PIN code is a 4 to 8 digit code
which must be entered each time
Network password
you switch on your phone.
Change your network password
Change PIN Change your PIN
(used if you subscribe to a call bar-
ring service).
Setup menu
Encryption indication
Get a warning in the display and a
sound alarm, if you connect to a
network which does not support
Facts & Tips
• If you enter an invalid PIN code
Fixed dialling
three times, your SIM card will be
Select whether you want the fixed
blocked, and to unblock it you have to
dialling function to be on or off
enter the PUK code supplied by
(only available if you have defined
your network operator. This procedure
and stored numbers in the fixed
prevents unauthorised persons from
dialling phone book (p. 15).
working out your PIN code by repeat-
edly entering different combinations
dialling on«, your address book and
of numbers.
plain numbers phone book will not
• For your own sake, remember to
be visible in the display and can
write down your SIM lock code to be
thus not be accessed. Of course,
able to deactivate the lock at a later
they remain in the internal memory
You have 10 attempts before
of the phone and on the SIM card,
the phone is blocked.
respectively, and can be accessed
• The phone will inform you how
again by selecting »Fixed dialling
many tries you have left before the
SIM card is blocked. If you enter an
invalid PUK code 10 times, your SIM
card will be permanently blocked and
you have to contact your network
Setup menu
Barred dialling
Select whether you want the
barred dialling function to be on or
off (only available if you have
defined and stored numbers in the
barred dialling phone book (p. 16).
If you have selected »Fixed
Facts & Tips
• Encryption means that the network
encrypts conversations to make it dif-
ficult for unauthorised persons to lis-
ten in on them.
• Contact your network operator for
further information on PUK2 and PIN2


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