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Network Selection - Siemens S40 User Manual

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Network selection

Manual Your phone will always
start searching for the network
Enter the Setup menu
with which it was in contact when
by pressing »MENU«
it was last switched off. If the
Select »Network selection«
phone cannot locate this network,
it will present some alternative net-
Selection mode
works in the display, and you must
then select one manually.
Phoning abroad requires the use of
a foreign network. You can select
Set preferred list
the network manually or let your
telephone do it automatically.
Enter a list of networks in your own
Entering »Selection mode« gives
order of preference and store them
you these options:
on your SIM card.
To do this, select the empty loca-
Automatic Let your phone find an
tion where you want to store the
available network automatically.
new network. Pressing »EDIT« will
Your phone will always try to reach
open a list of networks. Find the
your home network first, then alter-
network you wish to store in your
natively find another available net-
preferred list, and press »OK«. If
work. You have the possibility of
you select a currently used location
establishing a preferred list (see
and press »EDIT«, the former occu-
below), indicating the order of pref-
pant will be deleted if you enter a
erence in which your phone should
new one.
select a network.
Setup menu
Country selection
If you choose automatic network
selection, you can restrict your
phone to connecting only to net-
works selected from the »Use
country list«. In »View list« you can
select which countries you want to
allow. You can delete countries
from the list by pressing »EDIT«,
followed by »DELETE«.
Network types
Select whether your phone should
start searching for a GSM 900,
GSM 1800 or GSM 1900 network.
If you select all 3 network types
the telephone will automatically
start searching for the network that
offers the best connection.
Setup menu
Facts & Tips
• If you want to add a network that is
not shown on the list of networks,
and enter the coun-
try code and network number of the
• The country list can contain 15 dif-
ferent countries. Your home network
will always be the first one on the list
and cannot be deleted.
• Select
in the country
list and you will be able to connect to
all available networks.


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