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Irda Operation; Setup Menu - Siemens S40 User Manual

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Delete events Select this option to
delete all events older than a date
Enter the List menu
specified by you.
by pressing
Select »Calendar«
Receiving an event
An event will be indicated by
New event (continued)
in the display, the phone will emit a
As a minimum you will have to
ringing tone (if activated - see p.
enter the start date and start time
52) and the LED on the top of the
(if you want to change the default
phone will flash green very fast.
settings). The settings of the last 4
The first line of the event text will
event types are predefined by the
be visible in the display. Use
manufacturer, but you can always
see more of the text.
The phone will continue ringing
change these settings. See in the
for one minute if you do not
description of the Setup menu on
acknowledge the event. Press
p. 65 how to change date and time.
You can decide that an event
Press »REMIND« if you do not
should be recurring. A useful fea-
have the time to read the event
ture if you have a weekly meeting,
text right now. The event will recur
or if you want to be reminded
after 10 minutes. The phone will
about e.g. a birthday every year.
repeat this sequence twice and
Show week View your appoint-
then display
ments for a whole week.
the symbol indicates the number of
missed events. Press
Go to date Select a specific date.
the contents.
The events on the specified date
will be listed as described under
»View events«.
List menu
the display as long as there are
events you have missed.
Facts & Tips
• A recurring event will be marked by
to the left of the starting time. If
you want to delete a recurring event,
to do so.
the telephone will ask you for confir-
mation to delete it.
• The number between the arrow
keys at the bottom of the display indi-
cates the week number.
. The digit above
• You can also synchronize your cal-
endar with the calendar in Microsoft
to see
Outlook on your PC by means of the
enclosed CD-ROM. To do this, install
symbol will remain in
the synchronization programme on
your computer.
List menu

IrDA operation

Receiving In order to receive mes-
sages, etc. via the infrared inter-
Enter the List menu
face, you have to activate the IrDA
by pressing
port in this submenu.
Select »IrDA operation«
If a connection is established suc-
cessfully, the IrDA port will auto-
IrDA operation
matically be deactivated 1 minute
after the end of the transmission.
The built-in IrDA modem allows
If no connection is established
wireless communication to take
within 1 minute, the IrDA port will
place between your phone and
automatically be deactivated, and
computer, provided your computer
you will have to activate it again to
is equipped with an IrDA interface
be able to receive a message.
as well, and provided you have
installed the necessary IrDA drivers
Synch and data Select this sub-
in advance.
menu to activate the synchroniza-
The CD-ROM supplied with the
tion and data capability.
telephone will provide you with the
required software and information.
Send business card The informa-
When communicating via IrDA,
tion defined by you in your Owner
the distance between your mobile
ID in the Setup menu (see p. 57)
phone and the computer should
can be sent as a business card to
not exceed 40 centimetres.
another device via IrDA.
You may operate your phone as fol-


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