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P2 Cards; P2 Card Access Lamp And P2 Card Status; P2 Card Recording Times - Panasonic AJ-PG50 Operating Instructions Manual

Memory card portable recorder
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P2 Card Access Lamp and P2 Card Status

P2 Card Access Lamp
Lights green
Lights orange
Flashing orange
Fast flashing orange
Slow flashing green
"FORMAT ERROR!" or "NOT SUPPORTED!" may appear if a microP2 memory card is inserted slowly. Should this happen, reinsert it.

P2 Card Recording Times

P2 cards supported by the unit
The unit supports separately sold P2 memory cards and microP2 memory cards of 4 GB to 64 GB. (As of December 2014)
• When AVC-Intra100 of 1080/59.94p and 1080/50p is selected, recording to the following P2 cards is not possible.
- H, R, A, and E series P2 memory cards.
- Card attached to microP2 card adaptor (AJ-P2AD1G)
• AJ-P2C002SG (2 GB) cards cannot be used.
• The unit may need to be updated depending on the type of P2 card.
• For the latest information not available in the Operating Instructions, visit the website. (➝ "Website URL" page 9)
Preparation: P2 Cards

P2 Cards

Recording possible
Both writing and reading are possible.
Recording target
Writing and reading are enabled and currently recording target.
Card being accessed
Writing or reading is in progress.
Card being recognized
The P2 card is being recognized.
Card full
There is no available space on the P2 card. Only reading is possible.
Write protected
The write-protect switch on the P2 card is set to Protect. Only reading is pos-
Card not supported for re-
Recording is not possible with the currently set recording format because an
SD memory card or other unsupported card is inserted. Only reading is pos-
sible. To record, change the recording format or use a P2 card.
Slot not target for record-
A card has been inserted in a different slot from that of "REC MEDIA"
(microP2/P2) (➝ page 91) of the "REC/PB SETUP" menu item.
Card not supported
The card cannot be used with the unit. Replace the card.
Format invalid
The P2 card is not formatted properly. Reformat it.
No card
A P2 card is not inserted. Waiting for the card to be recognized.
Card cannot be authenti-
A microP2 memory card for which authentication is not possible. Refer to
"Manual and Automatic CPS Authentication" (➝ page 51) and then perform
No USB access
The P2 card is not accessible using USB device mode.
P2 Card Status


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