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P2 Cards; Inserting P2 Cards; P2 Card Access Led And P2 Card Status - Panasonic AG-HPG10P Operating Instructions Manual

Panasonic memory card portable recorder
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P2 cards

Inserting P2 cards

• When the unit is to be used for the first time, the first step is always to set the internal clock. (Page 23)
Hold down [POWER] for at least 2 seconds
to turn the power on.
Open the card slot cover, and insert the P2
card into the P2 card slot as far as it will go.
• When the P2 card is inserted into the unit, the
P2 card status is displayed by the P2 card
access LED.
For details on the P2 card status displayed,
refer to "P2 card access LED and P2 card
Close the card slot cover.

P2 card access LED and P2 card status

P2 card access LED
Lights up green
Lights up orange
Blinks in orange
Blinks rapidly in orange
Blinks in green
• The P2 card statuses can be checked in detail.
Refer to "Displaying the P2 card status" on page 41.
Data can be saved on the card or loaded from the card.
Data can be saved on the card or loaded from the card, and the data of
the current recording is targeted.
Data is now being saved or loaded.
The recognition process of the P2 card is underway.
The P2 card is out of memory. Data can be read out only.
The write-protect switch on the P2 card is at the PROTECT setting.
Data can be loaded only.
The P2 card has not been formatted properly. Re-format the card using
the unit.
The card cannot be used by the unit. Replace the card.
The P2 card is not installed.
The P2 card is not being accessed in the USB DEVICE mode.
P2 card status


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