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Panasonic AJ-PCD30PJ Operating Instructions Manual

Operating instructions
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Before operating this product, please read the instructions carefully, and save this
manual for future use.
SS0611AK1091 -FJ
Printed in Japan

Operating Instructions

Memory Card Drive
Model No.
Model No.


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1: Operating Instructions

    Operating Instructions Memory Card Drive Model No. Model No. Before operating this product, please read the instructions carefully, and save this manual for future use. ENGLISH SS0611AK1091 -FJ Printed in Japan VQT3R23-1...
  • Page 2: Read This First

    Read this first! For AJ-PCD30P and AJ-PCD30E WARNING: This apparatus must be earthed. To ensure safe operation the three-pin plug must be inserted only into a standard three-pin power point which is effectively earthed through the normal house-hold wiring. Extension cords used with the equipment must be three-core and be correctly wired to provide connection to earth.
  • Page 3: Fcc Notice

    Declaration of Conformity Model Number: AJ-PCD30P Trade Name: Panasonic Responsible Party: Panasonic Corporation of North America One Panasonic Way, Secaucus, NJ 07094 Support contact: 1-800-524-1448 This device complies with Part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation is subject to the following two...
  • Page 4: Caution For Ac Mains Lead

    If you lose the fuse cover the plug must not be used until a replacement cover is Fuse obtained. A replacement fuse cover can be purchased from your local Panasonic Dealer. indicates safety information. EEE Yönetmeliğine Uygundur. EEE Complies with Directive of Turkey.
  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents Read this first! ....2 P2 Driver ..... . 16 Before Use .
  • Page 6: Before Use

    Before Use While AJ-PCD30 (referred to below as “the device”) is connected to the personal computer, install the required drivers from the CD-ROM. For details, refer to the installation manual and “P2 Driver” (page 16) in this manual. The device may become warm during use, but this is not a malfunction.
  • Page 7: Supplied Accessories (Aj-Pcd30P/Aj-Pcd30E)

    The device can be used with a host computer (Windows PC) that does not have a built in USB 3.0 port by installing a USB 3.0 expansion interface port. Note, however, that Panasonic cannot guarantee correct operation with all third-party USB 3.0 expansion interface ports.
  • Page 8: Parts And Their Functions

    Parts and their Functions Front Panel Rear Panel The picture shows the rear panel with its cover removed. (1) Power button (1) USB 3.0 connector (Type B) Use this button to turn the unit ON and OFF. This connects a USB cable. When the power is OFF, pressing the power Use a USB cable (shielded) compliant with button switches the power ON.
  • Page 9: Inserting A P2 Card

    Inserting a P2 Card Insert the P2 card into one of the card slots. Fold the EJECT button in the direction of the Press in the card until the EJECT button arrow. pops up. <Note> <Notes> Do not use the device with the EJECT button Be sure to insert the P2 card horizontally.
  • Page 10: Write-Protection Of P2 Card

    Write-protection of P2 Card A P2 card has a write-protect switch. Setting this switch to “PROTECT” can prevent writing and deleting of data. Note: The write-protect switch is not effective when the P2 card is inserted in the device. Make sure you remove the P2 card from the device, set the switch, then re-insert the card, in order to effect the switch setting.
  • Page 11: To Connect The Device To A Personal Computer For External Use

    Installation (continue) To Connect the device to a Personal Computer for External Use Attach the rubber feet to the dimples on the Caution: Even with a USB 3.0 cable, if the base of the device. device is connected to a USB 2.0 port it will operate as a USB 2.0 device.
  • Page 12 VW-1. For the flammability rating, check the printed part of the cover of the USB cable. Recommended USB 3.0 cables (based on information as of August 2011) Elecom U3C-10BK (1.0 m) USB3SAB3 (0.91 m) Recommended cables are listed on the Panasonic website.
  • Page 13: Disconnect Externally Connected Devices From Your Pc

    Disconnect the USB connection as follows. For Windows XP and Windows Vista Select “Safe removal of hardware” from the task tray and switch off “Panasonic P2 Series USB Device”. For Windows 7 When a P2 card has been inserted into the device, click the up arrow of the task tray and select “Safely remove hardware and remove...
  • Page 14: To Mount The Device In A Personal Computer 5-Type Bay

    Installation (continue) To Mount the device in a Personal Computer 5-type Bay Switch off your PC. To be connected by USB 3.0 Undo the six screws and remove the cover. Connect the B connector of the USB 3.0 cable to the USB 3.0 connector of the device and then connect the other end of the cable to the USB 3.0 port on the motherboard of your PC.
  • Page 15 USB 2.0 port on the motherboard of USB3SAB3 (0.91 m) your PC. Recommended cables are listed on the <Notes> Panasonic website. When there is no internal USB 2.0 connector in your PC, run part of the In Windows XP or Windows Vista, some USB 2.0 cable outside your PC once, and...
  • Page 16: P2 Driver

    PC. The latest driver information can be viewed at The dedicated software is installed at the same the following website. time. For the installation procedure, see the P2 driver installation manual. Uninstallation <Note> When installing two or more devices, be sure to For Windows: install the drivers for each device separately.
  • Page 17: Overview Of Dedicated Software

    For Mac OS X 10.7 Start up the Power Management Setting Double-click the Lion folder. Software. Double-click the For Windows: P2DrivePowerManagement folder. Select “Start” “All programs” “Panasonic P2” “P2Drive Settings” “Power Double-click Management Setting”. “P2DrivePowerManagement.dmg” to open a new window. For Macintosh: Double-click on the application icon.
  • Page 18: Power Management Setting Software Window

    Overview of dedicated software (continue) Check that “Connection Status: Connected The current settings of the device are (DC 16 V)” is displayed at the bottom left of displayed in the “Current Settings” column. the Power Management Setting Software To alter the settings, select the new settings window.
  • Page 19: P2 Drive Internal Setting

    PC, the following settings are performed after connecting the device to your From the “Start” menu, select “All programs” “Panasonic P2” “P2Drive Settings” and then select “Enable Internal Drive”. A panel of the type shown in the figure will be displayed.
  • Page 20: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting Symptom What to Check Device has been connected using the USB 3.0 If the USB 3.0 cable is not properly connected cable, but transfer is not sufficiently fast. to the USB 3.0 connector of the device, the link will be made using USB 2.0, and it will not The device is connected using a USB 3.0 cable therefore be possible to obtain a sufficiently but is being recognized as a USB 2.0 device.
  • Page 21: Specifications

    Mac OS X 10.6.7 (Intel processor) Mac OS X 10.7.1 Main Memory 1 GB or more is recommended Interface USB Ver. 3.0 compliant [Card slots] PC card Type II a 3 (CardBus compliant) The latest driver information can be viewed at the following website.
  • Page 22 Memo...
  • Page 23 Memo...
  • Page 24 Information on Disposal in other Countries outside the European Union This symbol is only valid in the European Union. If you wish to discard this product, please contact your local authorities or dealer and ask for the correct method of disposal. Web Site: © 2011...

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