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Connection Of Gigaaccel 180; Preparations; Directions Of Connection - Fixstars GigaAccel 180 User Manual

Video accelerator card
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3 Connection of GigaAccel 180

This section explains the instructions for connecting GigaAccel 180 onto
the host machine. The target host machine must have a x16 PCI Express
interface (2 slots), and an AUX 12V 6-pin power connector for PCI Express.

3.1 Preparations

Prepare the following cables which are included in the packaging.
Serial cable
Ethernet crossover cable
If possible, please work by using "Static electricity prevention wristband (SANWA
SUPPLY TK-SE6)" etc. to prevent damage due to static electricity when connecting
GigaAccel 180.

3.2 Directions of connection

(1) Connect the 3-pin end of the serial cable to the board' serial port. 9-pin side
is put out from an empty slot to the outside of the host machine.
[Note] If the host machine has no serial port(9-pin side), please connect the serial cable
to the USB port by using USB-serial conversion cable.
Serial connector(9-pin)
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Serial connector(3-pin)
* Connect the marked end to the outside