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Installation Of Gigaaccel 180 (Nfs); Preparations; Disable Services - Fixstars GigaAccel 180 User Manual

Video accelerator card
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4 Installation of GigaAccel 180
This section describes how to create the GigaAccel 180 disk image and how
to install it to GigaAccel 180. If you are using an OS other than Yellow Dog
Enterprise Linux for GigaAccel 180, please skip this section.
Also, this instruction assumes that CentOS5.4 is installed on the host
machine (x86, 64 bit). For connecting GigaAccel 180, please refer to "3
Connection of GigaAccel 180".
[Note] Ensure that the kernel version of the host machine is the latest version. This is
necessary for the PCI-Express driver.

4.1 Preparations

Prepare the following items for this section.
Yellow Dog Enterprise Linux for GigaAccel 180 Install DVD
IP address for external network connection
Establish external network connection as described below. Have an IP address
ready for the host to make the external network connection.
"4.5 Installation of necessary services"

4.2 Disable services

Disable the host machine firewall.
# service iptables stop
# chkconfig iptables off
Disable SELinux on the host machine.
# setenforce 0
# vi /etc/selinux/config
(setting value)
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