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Start Up Gigaaccel 180 - Fixstars GigaAccel 180 User Manual

Video accelerator card
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A.10 Start up GigaAccel 180
This section describes how to network boot GigaAccel 180.
(1) Restart host machine
The power source of GigaAccel 180 needed to start it up comes from the host
machine, so it needs to be rebooted.
(2) Perform SSH login
Shortly after the host machine has started up the GigaAccel 180 OS will also
start up. When that is complete you can perform SSH login into GigaAccel
180 through such methods as terminal software.
Login IP address:
Login name, password:
Also, the current GigaAccel 180 status can also be confirmed using serial
console. Please refer to "Appendix C – Using Serial Console" if using serial
console. Please refer to "E.2 Start up troubleshooting" for troubleshooting.
(3) Installing kernel module
In this step, we assume there is the GigaAccel 180 RPM in /tmp. First, we
install it.
# cd /tmp
# rpm -ivh kernel-X.X.XX-X.YYYYMMDDpxcab.ppc64.rpm
(4) Restart the host machine
Log out of GigaAccel 180, and then, restart the host machine.
"root", "passw0rd" (passw0rd contains a '0' –
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