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Start Up Gigaaccel 180 - Fixstars GigaAccel 180 User Manual

Video accelerator card
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5.11 Start up GigaAccel 180

The following operation is needed when we boot GigaAccel180 for the first time.
Once Giga Accel 180 boots successfully, there is no need to set it again.
* When GigaAccel180 fails to boot, please investigate the reason.
Start up teraterm
Start up teraterm. And in "New connection" window, select "Serial (Port:
COM1)" and click "OK" button.
Console window is opened. Then press "Enter" key. Command prompt "0 >" of
GigaAccel 180 appears.
* If the command prompt does not appear, open "Control Panel" > "System and
Maintenance" > "Administrative Tools" > "Services", and then right-click "Tftpd32
service edition", select "Properties". In "Startup type", select "Manual" from the
drop down menu (to prevent from starting up automatically with starting up the
host machine). And reboot the host machine. Then, open serial console window by
tera term, and type "Esc" key.
Configure boot option
To boot GigaAccel 180 in CIFS mode, it is necessary to configure the boot
option. Type the following command.
0 > setenv boot-file root=/dev/ram ramdisk=131072
0 > reboot
Console login.
In the console window, boot logs will appear. If "ga180 login:" appears, it means the
boot was successful. In default configuration you can log in as the "root" user and
password is "passw0rd". ("0" is zero.)
* When GigaAccel 180 is running you can log in by ssh. The default IP address of
GigaAccel 180 is "" (this is assigned by the DHCP feature of tftpd32).
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