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Appendix E - Troubleshooting; Connection Troubleshooting; Start Up Troubleshooting - Fixstars GigaAccel 180 User Manual

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Appendix E – Troubleshooting
This section contains solutions for various cases. Please refer to this when
faced with problems.
E.1 Connection troubleshooting
GigaAccel 180 does not fit into host machine
Confirm that the workstation is compatible and that it is operational.
E.2 Start up troubleshooting
GigaAccel 180 does not power on (LED doesn't light)
Confirm that power connector is attached.
GigaAccel 180 OS does not start up (cannot make SSH connection)
Confirm that host eth0 and GigaAccel 180 eth0 are both connected with an
Ethernet crossover cable.
Confirm that DHCP server, TFTP server, NFS server, and other services are
Confirm that NFS server settings are correct.
Confirm that DHCP server settings are correct.
Confirm that TFTP server settings are correct.
If none of the above solutions solve the problem, then confirm start up from
console screen by connecting via serial cable. Refer to "E.4 Console screen
errors" for console screen errors.
Permission error when performing SSH login into GigaAccel 180
Confirm that SELinux is disabled in GigaAccel 180.
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See "3.2 Directions of connection"
See "3.2 Directions of connection"
See "4.5 Installation of necessary services"
See "4.6 NFS service settings"
See "4.7 DHCP service settings"
See "4.8 TFTP service settings"
See "4.2 Disable services"