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Fixstars GigaAccel 180 User Manual page 20

Video accelerator card
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Install package(s) using the yum command. Install the necessary package(s) at
this time.
* In this example, the gcc package is installed.
# yum install gcc
Following the installation of necessary packages, unmount the installer DVD
from GigaAccel 180.
# umount /media/DVD
* The following actions will be performed on the host.
Comment out or delete the one line added to NFS service configuration file.
# vi /etc/exports
(setting value)
After editing the configuration file, restart NFS service.
# service nfs restart
Unmount the installer image and the installer DVD from host.
# umount /nfsroot/media/DVD
# umount /mnt
Finally, remove the installer DVD from the DVD drive.
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