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Operational Troubleshooting; Console Screen Errors - Fixstars GigaAccel 180 User Manual

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E.3 Operational troubleshooting
"rpmdb: mmap: Input/output error" error message during "yum" or "rpm"
Delete all "/var/lib/rpm/__db.00*" files, and try the command again.
"conflicts" error during "yum update"
Use the "rpm -e" command to uninstall the appropriate package.
E.4 Console screen errors
Listed here are common errors that appear on the serial console.
Freezes while displaying the message "Trying to load: root=/dev/ram ...
Bootloader 1.6".(*1)
Confirm that the host eth0 and GigaAccel 180 eth0 are connected with an
Ethernet crossover cable.
*1 When the host OS is Windows, freezes while displaying the message "Trying to
load: root=/dev/ram ramdisk=131072 from: net ... Bootloader 1.6".
Freezes during the countdown after the "Press CTRL-A Z for help on
special keys" message
Confirm that DHCP service is running.
Confirm that DHCP service settings (GigaAccel 180 MAC address) are
"E3005 (net) ICMP ERROR "port unreachable"" message
Confirm the settings ("/etc/init.d/tftp") of TFTP server (Linux).
"E3008 (net) Can't obtain TFTP server IP address" message
TFTP boot is failing since no IP address was assigned from DHCP server.
Confirm DHCP server settings. Also confirm that it is not connected to
another DHCP server.
"IP-Config: Got DHCP answer from, . . ." message
Attempting to obtain IP address from a DHCP server other than the one
intended. Remove the Ethernet cable connected to eth1, or enter "> setenv
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See "3.2 Directions of connection"
See "4.5 Installation of necessary services"
See "4.7 DHCP service settings"
See "4.8 TFTP service settings"
See "4.7 DHCP service settings"