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Unpacking The System; System Installation; Power Cord Connection; Water Supply Line Connection - DENTSPLY Cavitron JET Plus Installation And Service Manual

Ultrasonic scaler & air polishing prophylaxis system
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6.4 Unpacking the System

Carefully unpack your Cavitron JET Plus Combination System
and verify that all components and accessories are included:
1. Cavitron
JET Plus
Handpiece Cable Assembly with swivel
2. Air Line Assembly (Black) with Filter and Quick
3. Water Line Assembly (Blue) with Filter and Quick
4. Additional Water Line Filter
5. Detachable AC Power Cord
6. Wireless Foot Control Assembly
"AA" Batteries (4-Pack)
8. Auxiliary Cable for Foot Control
9. Cavitron
JET Air Polishing Nozzle with cleaning tool
10. JET-Mate Detachable Sterilizable Handpiece
11. Prophy Handpiece Cleaning Wire (not shown)
12. Cavitron
Ultrasonic Inserts (quantity optional)
13. Efficiency Indicator for Cavitron Inserts
14. JetShield
Aerosol Reduction Device Kit (not shown)
15. Literature Packet
Sodium Bicarbonate Prophy Powder
17. JET-Fresh
Aluminum Trihydroxide Prophy Powder
18. Powder Removal Container

6.5 System Installation

The Cavitron JET Plus Combination System is designed
to rest on a level surface. Be sure unit is stable and
resting on four feet.
Placing unit in direct sunlight may discolor plastic
The system has been equipped with a wireless foot
control which was factory synchronized to operate with
the system's base unit. If your office has more than
one Cavitron JET Plus system, it is recommended that
you mark the foot control and base unit for easy
reference as to which foot control operates with which
base unit. Should resynchronization be necessary, follow
the instructions in Section 6.10.
Combination System with

6.6 Power Cord Connection

Verify the Main Power ON/OFF switch, located at the
center front underside of the System, is set to the OFF
(O) position before proceeding.
Insert the AC power cord into the power input on the
back of the System.
Insert the pronged plug into an AC wall outlet.

6.7 Water Supply Line Connection

Grasp the Water Supply Line (blue hose) by the end
opposite the quick-disconnect and insert it into the water
inlet connector until fully seated.
Connect the quick-disconnect to the dental office water
supply or a Cavitron DualSelect Dispensing System.
Inspect all connections to make certain there are no
To remove the water line from the Cavitron JET Plus
Combination System, turn off the dental office water
supply. Disconnect the water supply line from the dental
office water supply. If a quick-disconnect connector is
attached to the end of the hose, relieve the water
pressure by pressing the tip of the connector in an
appropriate container and allow water to drain. To

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