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Infection Control; General Infection Control; Water Supply Recommendations; Installation Instructions - DENTSPLY Cavitron JET Plus Installation And Service Manual

Ultrasonic scaler & air polishing prophylaxis system
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Infection Control

5.1 General Infection Control

As with all dental procedures, use universal precautions
(i.e., wear face mask, eyewear, or face shield, gloves
and protective gown).
For operator and patient safety, carefully practice the
infection control procedures detailed in the Infection
Control Information Booklet accompanying your
System. Additional booklets can be obtained by calling
Customer Service at 1-800-989-8826, Monday through
Friday, 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. (Eastern Time). For
areas outside the U.S., contact your local DENTSPLY
Professional representative.
As with high speed handpieces and other dental devices,
the combination of water and ultrasonic vibration from
the Cavitron JET Plus Combination System will create
aerosols. Following the procedural guidelines in Section
8 of this manual can effectively control and minimize
aerosol dispersion.

5.2 Water Supply Recommendations

It is highly recommended that all dental water supply
systems conform to applicable CDC (Centers
for Disease Control and Prevention) and ADA
(American Dental Association) standards, and that all
recommendations be followed in terms of flushing,
chemical flushing, and general infection control
procedures. See Sections 6.1 and 9.
As a medical device, this product must to be installed
in accordance with applicable local, regional, and
national regulations, including guidelines for water quality
(e.g. drinking water). As an open water system, such
regulation may require this device to be connected to
a centralized water control device. The Cavitron
Dispensing System may be installed to allow
this unit to operate as a closed water system.

Installation Instructions

Anyone installing a Cavitron JET Plus System should observe
the following requirements and recommendations.

6.1 Water Line Requirements

A water supply line with user-replaceable filter is
supplied with your system. See Section 9 System Care
for replacement instructions.
Incoming water supply line pressure to the system must
be 20 psi (138 kPa) to 40 psi (275 kPa). If your dental
water system's supply line pressure is above 40 psi,
install a water pressure regulator on the water supply line
to your Cavitron JET Plus Combination System.
A manual shut-off valve on the dental water system
supply line should be used so that the water can be
completely shut-off when the office is unoccupied.
In addition to the water filter supplied, it is recommended
that a filter in the dental water system supply line be
installed so that any particulates in the water supply will
be trapped before reaching the Cavitron system.
After the above installations are completed on the dental
water supply system, the dental office water line should
be thoroughly flushed prior to connection to the Cavitron
6.2 Air Line Requirements
& Recommendations
An air supply line with a user-replaceable filter assembly
is supplied with your Cavitron JET Plus Combination
System. A filter mounting bracket is included for hanging
the air filter. The clear bowl should hang downward
allowing for moisture separation and drainage of water
from the air filter. See Section 9 System Care for
replacement instructions.
Incoming air supply line pressure to the system must
be 65 psig (448 kPa) to 100 psig (690 kPa). If your
office air line pressure is above 100 psig (690 kPa),
install an air pressure regulator on the supply line to your
Cavitron JET Plus Combination System.
A manual shut-off valve on the office air supply line should
be used so that the air line can be completely shut-off,
and the line pressure relieved when the office is
The Cavitron System must be supplied with clean, dry
air to help prevent water condensation from forming
in the air supply line which may cause it to malfunction.
In addition to the air filter supplied with your System, it
is strongly recommended that an air dryer be used on
the compressor line supplying the Cavitron System.

6.3 Electrical Requirements

Incoming power to the system must be 100 volts AC to
240 volts AC, single phase 50/60 Hz capable of
supplying 1.0 amps.
The system power should be supplied through the AC
power cord provided with your system.

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