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Air Polishing Using The Jetshield; Aerosol Reduction Device - DENTSPLY Cavitron JET Plus Installation And Service Manual

Ultrasonic scaler & air polishing prophylaxis system
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To fill, or refill, the powder bowl:
Turn the System OFF.
Unscrew the Powder Bowl Cap.
With the cap of the powder bottle closed, shake the
powder bottle vigorously to break up any lumps that may
have formed from settling. Carefully pour powder into
the bowl until the level reaches the top of the center
Using a soft dry cloth, remove powder adhering to the
cap and bowl threads. Secure the cap on the powder
Turn the System ON.
NOTE: Use only Cavitron® Prophy Powders in the
system. Powder should be kept dry and stored in
a location that does not exceed 95
To adjust the flow of powder:
Adjust the powder flow rate by positioning the control
pointer on the cap at H (12 o'clock), M (9 o'clock) or L
(6 o'clock).
For heavy stain removal, set the control to H.
For light stain removal, set the control to L.
The control can be set at any position between H and L.
The view window at the center of the pointer lets you
observe the powder flow (small white circle of powder)
during operation. If no flow is seen, check for clogging
or add prophy powder.

8.6 Air Polishing Using the JetShield

Aerosol Reduction Device Accessory
JetShield Precautions:
The JetShield cup assemblies are designed for single use
only. Use of chemical or heat sterilization will lead to poor
performance and malfunction of product.
The reusable components are wipe-disinfectable, using clean
cloths and appropriate non-immersion type disinfectant. Wipe
once with disinfectant to remove bioburden, then use a fresh
cloth and more disinfectant to clean surface. Dry with clean
paper towel or air.
JetShield Set-Up Instructions:
Remove entire assembly from package.
Insert air polishing nozzle through cup and seat
shoulder flush on nozzle. See Figure 2.
Insert small barb from ejector tube into evacuation
tube of cup assembly.
Insert large barb from ejector tube into operator saliva
Place ejector tube clip around ejector tube and
handpiece cable such that the cables drape together
for patient and clinician comfort.
(Optional) Place handpiece clip such that the clip is
holding the JetShield evacuation tube in place along
handpiece as shown in Figure 3.
Figure 1.
Figure 2.
1. Insert air polishing nozzle
2. Seat shoulder flush on nozzle
3. Incorrect positioning
Figure 3.
A. Ejector tube
B. Connector
C. JetShield
cup assembly
(cup and evacuation tube)
D. Handpiece clip
E. Ejector tube clip
F. Connector

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