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Diagnostic Display Indicators And Controls - DENTSPLY Cavitron JET Plus Installation And Service Manual

Ultrasonic scaler & air polishing prophylaxis system
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7.2 Diagnostic Display Indicators and Controls

Rinse Indicator
Lights when the Power
Level Control is turned
fully counterclockwise.
Rinse mode provides
lavage to flush the
procedural area with
minimal cavitation.
Service Indicator
Lights when the system is
not functioning properly.
This display has three
distinct modes.
• A fast blink (3 blinks per
second) indicates an
improper set-up.
• A slow blink (1 blink per
second) means the
system is operating out
of factory specifications.
• A steady light indicates
the system is overheating.
Refer to Section 10.1 for
Troubleshooting guidelines.
Blue Zone Indicator
Lights when the Power Level Control is positioned
in the Blue Zone of the power scale.
Ideal for effective subgingival debridement and
greater patient comfort.
Purge Control
Lights when the Purge function is activated.
To activate Purge, remove insert from the handpiece,
and press the Purge button. Water will purge through
system for 2 minutes. For optimal efficiency, turn the
handpiece lavage control to maximum water flow. To
deactivate mode during the 2 minute cycle, press
Purge button again or press foot control.
The Purge Control is also used during the Foot Control
Synchronization process. See Section 6.10.
Boost Indicator
Lights when the
Boost Mode has
been activated with
the Foot Control.
Low Battery
Lights when the foot
control battery power
is approaching end of
life. Replace batteries
as instructed in
Section 6.9.
Power Indicator
Lights (3 sec. delay)
when the Main Power
ON/OFF Control
Switch is ON ("I"

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