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Air Supply Line Connection; Foot Control Battery Installation/Replacement; Foot Control Synchronization - DENTSPLY Cavitron JET Plus Installation And Service Manual

Ultrasonic scaler & air polishing prophylaxis system
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remove the hose from the system, push on the outer ring
of the system's water inlet and gently pull out the water

6.8 Air Supply Line Connection

Grasp the Air Supply Line (black hose) by the end
opposite the quick-disconnect and insert it into the air
inlet connector until fully seated.
Connect the quick-disconnect to the dental office air
supply or a Cavitron DualSelect Dispensing System.
Inspect all connections to make certain there are no
To remove the air supply line from the Cavitron JET Plus
Combination System, turn off the dental office air supply.
Disconnect the air supply line from the dental office air
supply, then push on outer ring of the system's air inlet
and gently pull out air line.
Press ring to release
water supply tube.
Press ring to release
air supply tube.
6.9 Foot Control Battery
Turn foot control over and using a Philips screwdriver
carefully remove battery cover screw and battery cover.
If applicable, remove used batteries and install two new
"AA" batteries as shown. Do not depress foot control
while installing batteries.
The communication light will blink for approximately
two seconds to indicate the foot control's ability to
communicate with the unit. If the light does not blink,
check the batteries. If the batteries are good and the
light doesn't blink, a communications error may exist.
Re-established communication with Foot Control
Synchronization procedure, Section 6.10.
The remote frequency communication can be bypassed
using the auxillary foot control cable. Refer to Section
10.2 Technical Support and Repair for further action.
Replace the battery cover and screw and hand tighten
with Philips screwdriver.
Remove batteries if foot control is to be stored for an
extended period of time.

6.10 Foot Control Synchronization

The wireless foot control supplied with your system has been
factory synchronized with the base unit. Should a replacement
foot control be necessary, synchronization will be required
prior to system operation. Perform the following steps to
synchronize the foot control with the base unit.
Turn the Main Power switch located at the center
front underside of the system to the OFF (O) position.
Install a new set of "AA" batteries into the foot
control (See Section 6.9) Leave the battery cover of
the foot control open so the red push button is
Look for blinking

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