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Introduction; Product Overview - DENTSPLY Cavitron JET Plus Installation And Service Manual

Ultrasonic scaler & air polishing prophylaxis system
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Your decision to add the Cavitron
Scaler and Air Polishing Prophylaxis System to your practice
represents a wise investment in good dentistry.
For over four decades, dental professionals have preferred
the clinical benefits and labor-saving advantages inherent in
Cavitron ultrasonic scalers. Clinical studies and independent
research have proven that no other method of supra- and
subgingival calculus removal can surpass the speed,
efficiency, and versatility of ultrasonic scaling.
With the addition of air polishing capabilities in the Cavitron
JET Plus Combination System, your Cavitron JET Plus system
becomes a compact prophylaxis center that maximizes the
time spent performing scaling and polishing procedures and
minimizes the need for strenuous calculus and stain removal
with hand instruments. Clinical studies have proven that air
polishing is far superior to traditional cup and pumice for
stain and plaque removal. With proper technique and simple
daily maintenance, your Cavitron
System will immediately become an indispensable component
in your practice of modern preventive dentistry.
DENTSPLY Professional is an ISO 13485 registered
company. All DENTSPLY Professional medical devices sold
in Europe are CE marked in conformance with Council
Directive 93/42/EEC.
Rx Only: This product is intended for use by qualified dental
professional healthcare providers.


The Cavitron
JET Plus
Combination System is a precision
engineered and manufactured instrument. It contains
controls and components for ultrasonic scaling and air
polishing modes. In the scaling mode, the system produces
30,000 strokes per second at the ultrasonic insert's working
tip that when combined with the cavitational effect of the
JET Plus
JET Plus
coolant lavage creates a synergistic action that literally
"powers away" even the heaviest calculus deposits while
providing exceptional operator and patient comfort. In the
air polishing mode, the system delivers a precise air/water/
powder mixture at the JET air polishing insert tip that polishes
the tooth enamel without contact so there is less abrasion to
enamel and no physical pressure or heat build-up to cause
discomfort in sensitive patients.
The Cavitron JET Plus Combination System is equipped with
the Sustained Performance System™ (SPS Technology),
which offers a constant balance between scaling efficiency
and patient comfort by maintaining clinical power when the
insert tip encounters tenacious deposits, allowing the clinician
to effectively scale even at a decreased/lower power setting.
The Cavitron Plus System has extended the SPS technology
by spreading out the Blue Zone range, providing finer
resolution to the power settings.
Advanced features that make the Cavitron JET Plus a wise
investment include a wireless foot control, illuminated
diagnostic display, rinse setting, automated purge function,
detachable sterilizable handpiece, and 330˚ swivel
handpiece cable with lavage control. These features combine
with established features, such as a low power range (Blue
Zone™) and hands-free Boost Mode to provide the ultimate
in ultrasonic scaling and air polishing experiences for your
patients, while still providing the quality and reliability you've
come to expect from Cavitron Brand ultrasonic systems.
The Cavitron JET Plus Combination System is UL/ULc
certified and approved. The Cavitron JET Plus Combination
System is classified by Underwriters Laboratories Inc.
with respect to electric shock, fire, mechanical hazards in
accordance with IEC 60601 Standard. The Cavitron JET
Plus Combination System complies with Part 15 of the FCC
Rules. Operation is subject to the following two conditions:
1) this device may not cause harmful interference, and 2)
this device must accept any interference received, including
interference that may cause undesired operation. Cavitron
JET Plus base FCC certification/registration number: FCC ID:
TF3-DPD73227323; IC: 4681B-73227323. Cavitron JET
Plus foot control FCC certification/registration number: FCC
ID: TF3-DPD81675; IC: 4681B-81675. The term IC before
the certification/registration number signifies that the Industry
Canada technical specifications were met.

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