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DENTSPLY Cavitron JET Plus Installation And Service Manual page 25

Ultrasonic scaler & air polishing prophylaxis system
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JET Plus
This troubleshooting section is meant for use by qualified Cavitron
Intermittent scaling power or no
scaling power.
Troubleshooting and Analysis, continued
1. Insert malfunction.
2. Insert is not pushed in far
enough for automatic pick-up.
3. Malfunction in JET-Mate™
4. Bent or missing electrical pin in
JET-Mate™ Handpiece.
5. Open or intermittent wires in
handpiece cable assembly.
6. Loose wiring or defective solder
joint in the unit wiring
7. Foot Control batteries are weak.
8. Foot Control not synchronized
to the unit.
Service Technicians.
1. Test with another Cavitron
works properly, discard the original insert.
2. a. Check if insert is fully seated in the handpiece.
b. Verify that the soft nozzle grip is flush with the
hard plastic of the insert port. The soft nozzle
grip is a user replaceable part which should
be changed if worn or leaking.
3. Replace JET-Mate™ Handpiece.
4. Replace JET-Mate™ Handpiece.
5. Install a working JET-Mate™ Handpiece on the
cable. Unplug the Handpiece cable connector at J3
of the Power Drive PC Board and check the
continuity of the wires.
a. Connect the ohmmeter between RED-GRN wire
terminals. Flex the handpiece cable and check
for intermittent readings. If the ohmmeter
reading is not consistent or it is indicating an
open circuit, the handpiece cable assembly is
likely to be damaged and should be replaced.
b. Connect the ohmmeter between WHT-GRN wire
terminals and repeat the procedure above.
6. Troubleshoot the unit wiring and connectors.
7. a. Check information center for Low Battery
light indication. Replace batteries as needed.
b. Connect an auxiliary Foot Control cable
between the Foot Control and the unit. The
unit can be operated with the cable until the
battery is replaced.
8. a. Follow the Cavitron
Use & Service Manual instructions for Foot
Control synchronizing.
b. Connect the auxiliary Foot Control cable
between the Foot Control and unit. Unit can be
operated with the cable until the Foot Control is
insert. If test insert
JET Plus™ Directions for

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